In the age of digital connectivity, email marketing is still a best approach for businesses and individuals to reach their target audience. As one of the largest social media platforms globally, Facebook is home to countless communities and groups where people interact and share information. If you’re looking to expand your email marketing efforts, harnessing the potential of Facebook can provide a treasure trove of email addresses to tap into.

In this blog post, we will explore the techniques and tools you can use to scrape emails from Facebook, explicitly focusing on extracting email addresses from Facebook groups. Whether you’re a marketer, researcher, or simply curious about extracting emails from Facebook, this guide will equip you with the needed knowledge.

How to Extract Emails from Facebook

If the Facebook profile is not private you can easily get the email from about page from the profile you wanted to extract email. If this didn’t work Here’s a general outline of the steps you would typically follow to scrape emails from Facebook:

  1. Decide on the target: Choose which Facebook groups, pages, or accounts you wish to retrieve emails from. Any public Facebook page, whether a group or a business page, might be this.
  2. Pick a scraping technology of your choice: Find the scraping technology that best suits your needs to help automate the process. Crawlbase(Leads API), and Selenium (a browser automation tool) are a few well-liked Leads generation.
  3. Identify the HTML structure: Go through the HTML code of the Facebook page to see how the content is arranged. Choose the exact HTML components from which you can extract the email addresses.
  4. Write the scraping code here: Use your preferred tool to access the desired Facebook page, find the relevant HTML components, and extract the email addresses. Depending on the scraping tool you select, this code will change, so consult the instructions and samples offered by the program’s creators.
  5. Handle authentication and rate limiting: If the Facebook page requires authentication or has rate limiting in place, you may need to handle these aspects in your scraping code. This could involve logging in with valid credentials or implementing delays between requests to avoid being blocked.
  6. Run the scraping code: Execute your scraping code and monitor its progress. Ensure the code behaves as expected and extracts the desired email addresses.
  7. Store and process the extracted data: Once the scraping is complete, you can store the extracted email addresses in a suitable format, such as a CSV or a database and then process it further depending on your use case.

Respect user privacy and comply with all legal and ethical considerations throughout the scraping process. Additionally, be aware that Facebook’s terms of service and API restrictions may prohibit or limit certain types of data extraction.

How to Extract Emails from Facebook Using Leads API

Extracting leads can be very easy when doing with the Leads API. To get started, make sure:

  1. Sign up for a Crawlbase account.
Crawlbase SignUp page
  1. Go to Leads API under the Products drop-down.
Crawlbase home page
  1. After sign in click go to your dashboard from Leads API page to get leads off Facebook.
Crawlbase Leads API dashboard
  1. Alternatively you can also go to dashboard by clicking on Go to your dashboard and then to the Documentation tab.
Crawlbase Leads API Docs
  1. Paste the following code into the Visual Studio Code and run to get leads with an API to be processed in JSON or processed in CSV format.
from urllib2 import urlopen
from urllib import quote_plus

url = quote_plus('')
handler = urlopen('' + url)


How to Extract Emails from Facebook Groups with Crawlbase

For extracting leads you need have the link to the Facebook Group you would like to scrape. In our case, it’s Dubizzle UAE. We need to go to the People section and then scrape all the people and the link to their profiles by scrolling down. We will then need to loop through each of their profile’s Contact and basic info sections in the About section to get the emails of most users. Make sure you are using the JavaScript token when processing API requests.

For getting phone numbers, just scrape the group with pagination and then use the regular expressions library to filter phone numbers and the person’s name from the messages. You can also use Tesseract library to read phone numbers from images.

Smart Ways to Scrape Emails From Facebook Groups

Extracting emails from Facebook groups can be challenging due to privacy settings and restrictions. It’s important to note that scraping personal data, including email addresses, from Facebook without explicit user consent is against Facebook’s terms of service and may be illegal in many jurisdictions.

However, if you have a legitimate reason and obtain proper consent, here are some smart ways to scrape emails from Facebook groups:

  1. Request permission directly

The most ethical and straightforward approach is to request permission from group members to obtain their email addresses. You can post a message within the group explaining your purpose and ask interested individuals to provide their email addresses voluntarily.

  1. Contact group administrators

Reach out to the administrators of the Facebook group and explain your intentions. Ask if they can help facilitate the collection of email addresses from willing group members. They can send a message on your behalf or provide a contact list with the members’ consent.

  1. Utilize Facebook Graph API

Developers may access public data on Facebook, including email addresses, via the potent Facebook Graph API. The API can be used to look for groups, get member information, and remove email addresses. However, you must have a Facebook developer account and adhere to Facebook’s API usage policies in order to access the API.

  1. Scrape email addresses from public Facebook pages

Facebook pages set to public can be scraped for email addresses using web scraping tools. You can use tools like Scrapy, BeautifulSoup, or Selenium to automate the scraping process and extract email addresses from the page’s HTML code. Alternatively, try Crawlbase’s APIs to get all of this done in a few steps.

  1. Use email lookup tools

If you have a list of Facebook group members’ names, you can use tools like Leads API,, VoilaNorbert, or RocketReach to search for their email addresses. These tools usually require a paid subscription, but some offer limited free searches.

Remember to use these methods responsibly and to respect user privacy. Also, Facebook continuously updates its platform, and some of these methods may not be effective or against Facebook’s terms of service.

Is Email Marketing from Facebook Beneficial?

Email marketing can be very effective, often generating trackable results in days when you are doing it in an ethical way and compliant with ethical and legal guidelines. When you get leads from Facebook, you know what the people think and how you can approach them. Let’s look at some of the benefits of getting leads off Facebook.

First and foremost, you get a targeted audience. One that you know the interests, demographics and behaviors of, which means that they can be specific and relevant. Secondly, you can speak to the audience of your choice and achieve sales in a better way. According to Backlinko, the average cold email response rate is 8.5% and a longer subject line means 24.6% better response rates than shorter subject lines.

You can also refer to their conversation on Facebook or something they like to increase engagement. Offering discounts or packages would also be something they would like. You can then re-market to them via Facebook ads by referring to your previous emails and their interests. Since they are now already aware of your brand, your chances of making a sale are pretty high as compared to just Facebook ads. All of this process is trackable via email trackers, Facebook and Google analytics to get a complete picture of your marketing initiatives and utilize the information to improve your campaigns to optimize Facebook ads campaigns and tactics.

How To Find Someone’s Email On Facebook If It’s Private

Facebook does not give direct access to user private email addresses, there are only two options available, you can ask the person directly on Facebook if they like the reason, they’ll share directly with you. If you know people won’t share their email with you by directly asking them you can use email finder tool to extract it without letting them know. There are many email finder tools you can use just like Leads API and many others.

Remember that attempting to access someone’s private email address without their consent may be against their privacy rights and possibly against the law. Always prioritize respecting people’s privacy and only use these methods if you have a valid and legitimate reason to contact someone.

Final Thoughts

Extracting email addresses from Facebook is a complex task due to privacy settings and Facebook’s terms of service. It’s essential to respect user privacy, comply with legal regulations, and adhere to ethical guidelines when attempting to scrape emails from Facebook.

One approach to consider is using Crawlbase Leads API, a tool designed to find leads and data from LinkedIn, Facebook and find emails from websites. The API may provide functionalities to scrape emails from Facebook groups or extract emails from Facebook in a compliant and ethical manner. However, ensuring you have proper authorization and consent to scrape emails from Facebook using any tool or API is crucial.

Scraping emails from Facebook requires caution and adherence to guidelines to protect user privacy. It’s recommended to seek explicit consent from users or explore alternative methods for obtaining email addresses, such as requesting permission directly, leveraging group tools and features, or offering value in exchange for email opt-ins. By following ethical practices and respecting privacy, you can engage in effective email marketing campaigns without compromising integrity or violating terms of service.


Collecting email addresses from Facebook is not allowed as per the Terms of Service. It can be quite challenging to scrape email addresses from Facebook due to various factors such as jurisdiction, purpose, and terms. Obtaining consent and adhering to data protection laws are crucial to prevent legal issues. Other than that, emails are usually available in the About section of a profile which can be extracted in an automated way using purpose-specific web scraping tools like Leads API.

What Is The Facebook Policy On Scraping Emails From Groups?

Facebook’s policy prohibits scraping email addresses or other personal data from its platform without obtaining proper consent. According to Facebook’s Terms of Service and Developer Policies, scraping email addresses from Facebook groups or any other part of the platform is a violation. Enforcement actions, such as account suspension or termination, may follow.

Do I Need To Share My Social Media Credentials To Use Your Tools?

You might have to share your login information with Crawlbase while navigating through social media platforms to grant access to your accounts. Utilize trustworthy applications that adhere to security standards, and read privacy statements to learn how your data is safeguarded.

Will My Facebook Profile Get Banned For Using Your Tool To Get Emails?

Don’t worry, using our tool (Leads API) to get emails from Facebook won’t result in account suspension. To prevent the possibility of having your profile banned, you must abide by Facebook’s standards and guidelines. With Leads API, you can rest assured that your lead generation activities are anonymous which means that your identity would never be on the line and your profile is safe.