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Crawlbase Libraries & SDKs for developers & business managers

Protect your web crawler against blocked requests, proxy failure, IP leak, browser crash, and CAPTCHAs!

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Free development tools for crawling and scraping

Gain instant access to all Software Development Kits and libraries without extra cost. Crawlbase offers high scalability features for easy API integration to your system or infrastructure. It can be utilized as a stand-alone code or can serve as the platform for your application.

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Programming libraries & SDKs

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For NodeJS projects, you can find the Node library here.

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Get instant access to our lightweight PHP class package.

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Access the installation and usage instructions of the Crawlbase Python class.

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Dependency-free gem for scraping and crawling using Crawlbase APIs.

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You can access the Crawlbase API middleware for your Scrapy projects

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Zapier Create Hook

Integrate the Crawlbase library into your Zapier projects.

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Integrate Crawlbase's APIs with your .NET projects using our NuGet package.

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Access our Java library for scraping and crawling websites using the Crawlbase API.

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You can always use our APIs without any library, directly making HTTP requests.

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Compatible with all apps and programming languages

Crawlbase does not require the usage of any existing libraries and SDKs found in our repositories. You have the freedom to choose your preferred method to utilize our API, allowing for greater flexibility and compatibility.

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Easy-to-use library packages for quick API deployment
Work as intended

Easy-to-use library packages for quick API deployment

You do not need to worry about deployment or migration roadblocks. Our libraries have well-defined descriptions, and we guarantee that the behavior of each function will work as intended.

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How it works

How to use the libraries & SDKs

Easily deployable API. Perfect for beginners and experts.


Choose your preferred programming language.


Install the available class, modules, and/or dependencies.


Initialize the package with one of your Crawlbase tokens.


Send your request to the API using the appropriate HTTP method.

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Are you having difficulty using our libraries and SDKs?

Our team of experts is committed to helping you troubleshoot and fix any issue that you might experience with our products.

If you want to file a bug report or need technical assistance, be sure to reach our support team by sending us an email.

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Supporting all kinds of crawling projects

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