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Facebook Scraper

Examples of scraping use cases

Scrape Facebook Posts

Text content, timestamps, likes and comments

Scrape Facebook Pages

Username, profile picture, description and followers count

Scrape Facebook Profile

Username, bio, profile picture, work and education

Google Facebook Images

Links and captions of shared media

Scrape Facebook Friends

List of friends (if public)

Scrape Facebook Events

Name, location, date and attendees

Scrape Facebook News Feeds

Understand trends, public sentiments, user engagement

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JSON result:

{ "title": "Walmart Online Shoppers", "type": "Public group", "membersCount": 0, "url": "https://www.facebook.com/groups/198722650913932/", "description": "For discussion of shopping by customers of Walmart online, posts regarding other issues regarding Walmart are welcome. I have noticed a few people who work at Walmart have joined, but this group has...", "image": "https://scontent.fccu4-2.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.6435-9/30724616_10156247407051310_5919193321686695936_n.jpg?_nc_cat=101&ccb=1-5&_nc_sid=8631f5&_nc_ohc=MwbKzQgwkZMAX8_sxk8&_nc_ht=scontent.fccu4-2.fna&oh=4f93b8a1f40c71c8fced687c5fe04889&oe=6154D261", "feeds": [ { "userName": "Van Jump", "text": "Primer on delivery issues", "images": [], "link": "https://www.facebook.com/groups/198722650913932/posts/665318137587712/?comment_id=981226849330171&__cft__[0]=AZWhJZj66hOP3V2QiYM_GjEKXVDD4a07E8zvFemKnDAcfRFY_ZyAWM6S9B_Deamr0VLu4Q7WgUlkrplyIQm8Cm--4b1IoPVs0u-GFN_rWao7WOHfEmMzgXhgXe0LRvUG5erY_6BKUyJ0gMvfo4rYX0kFkCFVoPUAiyYqmCc50B0txw&__tn__=R]-R", "date": "18 April 2020", "likesCount": "80", "commentsCount": "74", "answersCount": null, "sharesCount": "3", "comments": [ { "userName": "Cheryl Son", "text": "DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT BUY FROM WALMART.COM I have purchased many, many, many items online with Walmart. I just purchased an item from their online wesite of walmart.com for a trolley cart that was a total of $187.00 Someone at Fed Ex said it w… See more" }, { "userName": "Joanna Goldstein", "text": "I wish Walmart would use a different shiping company. FedEx has lost three of my deliveries claiming all were delivered." } ] }, { "userName": "Camila Elizabeth", "text": "Urgently need Amazon Walmart VAs only WhatsApp+92 343 8556031", "images": [], "link": null, "date": "27 mins", "likesCount": null, "commentsCount": null, "answersCount": null, "sharesCount": null, "comments": [] }, { "userName": "Janet Gregg's", "text": "Roll Call!!Where do you live?Someone will get bless before midnight", "images": [], "link": null, "date": "54 mins", "likesCount": "1", "commentsCount": null, "answersCount": null, "sharesCount": null, "comments": [] } ] }

Top reasons for companies choosing Crawlbase Facebook Scraper

Great Support & Docs
Accurate and consistent data
GDPR & CCPA Compliant
Seamless Scaling Power
No Limits, Global Proxies
Easily Bypass Captchas

Optimized for speed and reliability

Scrape every Facebook page you want. You can crawl anything from news feeds, search results, to public groups. With an average response time between 4 to 10 seconds, you can ensure that your projects will stay efficient and only fresh data is acquired.

Crawl and Scrape Facebook
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Stay secure while crawling millions of Facebook pages

Our APIs are built on top of thousands of residential and data center proxies worldwide combined with Artificial Intelligence so you can anonymously scrape various Facebook pages. Crawlbase can effortlessly avoid CAPTCHAs and has the best protection against blocked requests.

Get data for your projects without worrying about setting up proxies or infrastructure, so you can focus on what matters most- growing your business.

Start crawling in minutes

All-in-one solution for collecting Facebook data

Use our Crawling API to get the full HTML code and scrape any content that you want.

Take a screenshot of an entire Facebook page on a high resolution if you wish to keep track of any visual changes quickly with our Screenshots API.

Send your crawled pages straight to the cloud using Crawlbase’s Cloud Storage.

For huge projects, you can use the Crawler with asynchronous callbacks to save cost, retries, and bandwidth.

Scrape Facebook pages

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Facebook allow scraping?

While Facebook's terms of service prohibit unauthorized scraping, our Facebook data scraper ensures compliance with ethical data practices. It provides you with a legal and efficient means to access public data, respecting privacy and platform guidelines.

What is the data scraper for Facebook?

A Facebook data scraper is a tool designed to extract information from Facebook, typically by automating the process of data retrieval from profiles, pages, groups, or other public sources on the platform.

How do I scrape Facebook without being blocked?

Choose a Facebook scraper tool that uses anti-blocking measures, employs sophisticated algorithms, and allows for controlled scraping to minimize the risk of detection by Facebook's security mechanisms. Additionally, features like proxy rotation and rate limiting to mimic human-like behavior can reduce the likelihood of being flagged.

How to choose a Facebook Scraper?

You should choose a Facebook scraper tool based on speed, reliability, anti-blocking measures, affordability, real-time data capabilities, and alignment with your specific needs.

What is the rate limit of your Facebook Scraper?

Crawlbase Facebook scraper provides a rate limit of 20 requests pr second. However, this rate can be increased as per your requirement.

Can I Automate my data scraping from Facebook with Crawlbase?

Yes, you can automate Facebook data scraping with Crawlbase. You can write a local code which can easily be integrated with our scraper for automation. We offer multiple scrapers to scrape different pages of Facebook.

Is the data Scraped by Facebook scraper authentic?

The authenticity of data scraped by a Facebook scraper tool depends on its quality and compliance with ethical and legal standards. A reliable and reputable tool can provide accurate and up-to-date information, enhancing your data-driven efforts. A good Facebook scraper is able to simulate human interaction with the platform, navigating web pages, parsing HTML, and extracting required data.

How to start using the Facebook data collection tool?

You can start using Facebook data scraper by researching and selecting a reliable tool that aligns with your needs. Crawlbase tool setup is user-friendly, guiding you through authorization and configuration processes. You can ensure precision with thorough testing, reaching optimal performance and adherence to ethical standards in data collection.

What are the common issues people face while scraping Facebook data?

Here are some common issues you may face while Facebook scraping:

  1. 1. You often face IP blocks or account suspension due to Facebook's anti-scraping measures.
  2. 2. Facebook deploys CAPTCHAs to hinder automated scraping, adding complexity.
  3. 3. Websites with dynamic content loading can pose challenges for scraping tools.
  4. 4. Inconsistent HTML structures can lead to parsing errors during data extraction.

However, you can overcome these issues with Crawlbase Facebook scraper tool. With constant IP rotation and millions of proxies globally, it does not let you get blocked. It uses advanced algorithms to handle CAPTCHAs intelligently. It efficiently scrapes data from websites with dynamic elements and gracefully handles data parsing errors, ensuring reliability and consistent data extraction.

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