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Google Scraper

Examples of scraping use cases

Google Maps Scraper

Detailed geographical data on location, landmarks, and businesses

Scrape Google Trends

Track and analyze trends for strategic decision-making

Scrape Customer Reviews

Enhance brand reputation management

Google Search Results Scraper

Enhance SEO and marketing decisions

Scrape Local Listing

Targeted market analysis on a local level

Scrape News & Articles

Stay informed with real-time industry news

Scrape PAA Questions

Address common concerns effectively

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{ "ads": [ { "position": 1, "title": "Official Online eShop | Amazing Offers On Smartphones", "description": "Get Wide Range Of Samsung Products At Reasonable Price. Shop Now! Best Value Deals. Genuine Products. Cash On Delivery. Samsung Official Shop. Secured Payments.", "url": "", "siteLinks": [ { "title": "Samsung Galaxy M Series", "description": "Starting From INR 7,990. Ultra Wide Dual Camera, Slim Design", "url": "" }, { "title": "Samsung Galaxy A Series", "description": "15W Fast Charging. Super AMOLED Infinity-U Display", "url": "" } ] } ], "peopleAlsoAsk": [ { "position": 1, "title": "Does Samsung have its own store?", "url": "", "description": "Samsung is the world's biggest phone and TV maker, but it doesn't operate its own stores to sell its latest gadgets. Instead, it's long relied on partners like carriers and big box retailers to push its devices to consumers.", "destination": { "text": " โ€บ news โ€บ samsungs-new-mall-stores-will-sell-galaxy-and-...", "url": "" } }, { "position": 2, "title": "What is a Samsung smart cafe?", "url": "", "description": "Samsung smart cafe is a Samsung outlet, it purely means showing a quick-witted intelligence product. ... Media transmission Business delivers a full range of items from mobiles and other cell phones, for example, MP3 players and smart phones media transmission organize framework.", "destination": { "text": " โ€บ What-is-Samsung-Smart-Cafe", "url": "" } }, { "position": 3, "title": "Can I buy direct from Samsung?", "url": "", "description": "Basically, instead of listing out all retailers selling a particular device in a region, Samsung is now taking orders directly, though its prices will probably be a tad higher than third-party retailers. Check out and let us know if you're getting the option to buy a particular phone or tablet.", "destination": { "text": " โ€บ 2014/07/29 โ€บ you-can-now-buy-devices-directl...", "url": "" } } ] }

Top reasons for companies choosing Crawlbase Google Scraper

Great Support & Docs
Average Success Rate: 100%
GDPR & CCPA Compliant
Seamless Scaling Power
No Limits, Global Proxies
Easily Bypass Captchas

Scrape any Google content worldwide

Our Google scraping API will allow you to scrape different domains such as,,, and many more. Our Google Maps data extractor is an excellent tool for scraping geographical information, map features like landmarks and business details, including ratings, categories, operating hours, and additional information such as services and specialties.

With our limitless bandwidth of Google SERP scraper, you can get all sorts of search result pages, job pages, images, and data for your SEO or marketing projects while saving you the burden of setting up rotating proxies or infrastructure.

Crawl and scrape Google
Scrape Google search results page
Scrape Google posts

Access vast amount of public data securely from Google Search Engine Results

Our API is built on top of thousands of residential and data center proxies all over the world to ensure your crawler will stay anonymous, all while effectively bypassing blocks or CAPTCHAs that Google will constantly throw at you.

Easily integrate our API to your existing system so you and your team can quickly start extracting substantial data from Google searches.

Start crawling in minutes

Overview of Crawlbase's Google Scraper

Easy to use, even with limited coding knowledge. Anyone can use it.

Highly scalable API using our worldwide proxies.

Automate browser scraping for JavaScript-heavy websites.

Protect Web Crawler from blocks, proxies, IP leaks, crashes, and CAPTCHAs.

Export data in various formats like CSV, Excel, and JSON.

Fetch fast, reliable, and high-quality data

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Google SERP parameters with your API?

Yes! When using our Google scraping API, feel free to incorporate various Google SERP parameters into the URL. For instance, use "&num" to request more results in a single query. If you want to specify the geolocation of your search results, the "&uule" parameter is quite handy. It gives you flexibility and control over your searches.

Is web scraping Google legal?

Yes, there is no law or rule to ban Google scarping. Crawlbase Google Scraper operates within legal and ethical boundaries, ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. It is designed to offer you a responsible and efficient means of accessing public data from Google.

How do I scrape Google without being banned?

It is important to choose a Google Scraper that employs advanced anti-ban mechanisms, allowing you to scrape Google without the risk of being banned. Our Google SERP scraper intelligently navigates Google's security measures, using techniques that copy human-like behavior to avoid detection. It ensures that you donโ€™t get banned and get reliable and efficient access to the data you need.

Is it possible to scrape Google Scholar?

While it is technically possible to scrape Google Scholar, it may lead to IP blocks and legal consequences. Crawlbase Google scraper offers a reliable solution with anti-ban measures, ensuring compliance and uninterrupted data access.

In what format Crawlbase delivers data?

Crawlbase Google SERP scraper delivers the data in HTML and other languages like CSS and Java Script. These formats are required by developers, business owners and data hunters.

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