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Why enterprises use Crawlbase

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Crawlbase focuses on your business needs and offers tailored solutions

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Crawlbase is fully committed to implementing consumer protection standards globally

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Crawlbase handles large data volumes for you

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99.9% uptime guarantee and 90+% success rate

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Reasonable costs compared to many competitors

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Technical support is available 24/7


Crawlbase’s solutions for enterprise clients

We help teams to get large volumes of qualified data for any use case or industry

API Solutions

API Solutions

Easy to use API for scraping and crawling. We protect you against blocked requests, proxy failure, IP leak, browser crash and CAPTCHAs

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Crawler Solutions


Tailored for large scale projects. Crawl large volumes of data while we handle data pipelines, proxies, queues, and JavaScript browsers for you.

Asynchronous crawling API

Successful responses

Less tries from client side

Porxy Solutions

Proxy Solutions

Utilize millions of residential and data center proxies by integrating a rotating gateway proxy.

Unlimited bandwidth

Custom gealocalization

A mix of datacenter and residential proxies

Get Large volumes of qualified data

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Trusted by customers worldwide

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Crawlbase helped us scale our data scraping needs in a fast, easy and cost effective way

Patrick Gouy

Patrick Gouy

CEO @ Recruit.ai

Crawlbase makes collecting all of this data incredibly easy. It dramatically simplified the crawling and scraping process. Instead of handling proxy management, infrastructure and dozens of ever-changing re-captcha-systems ourselves, we delegate to the simple but powerful Crawlbase API and just get the problem solved.

Nick Luger

Nick Luger

CTO @ Bluepick

At AreTheyHappy we've been using Crawlbase for several years now to help us power parts of our aggregation pipeline with some key information that we wouldn't otherwise be able to get through traditional means. – Peter Vermeulen

Raiph Edwards

Raiph Edwards

CTO of Are They Happy

Use Cases

Collect web data to accelerate business growth

E-commerce & Retail

Real State

Software & SaaS

Research & Document

Use Cases

Boost your revenue by analyzing pricing strategies, product data, and customer reviews

Drive revenue growth by utilizing high-volume, reliable data streams to track competitors from any geo-location. You can gain comprehensive insights into product offerings, pricing strategies, and consumer sentiment with the help of Crawlbase by harnessing real-time eCommerce data from platforms like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Alibaba.

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Global user protection compliance

As long-time data freedom advocates, Crawlbase is fully committed to implementing consumer protection standards globally. Our existing actions reflect this commitment through fairness and transparency when collecting user data, that users have control over their account and personal information.

As required by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union (EU) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), we have outlined those practices for all users involved in the Privacy policy section.


Let’s discuss your data needs

Crawlbase delivers large-volume data scraping solutions with quality. Contact us and let’s find the best solution for your business needs.

24/7 Customer SupportGDPR Compliant
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