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Scraping AliExpress is a difficult task, specially when you want to target large amount of products or pages. If you have to crawl Aliexpress search results, they will block your requests and you need to keep changing your setup and infrastructure in order to be able to keep getting the data.

Using Crawlbase API, scraping AliExpress products it's extremely easy. Building and growing your company is what will matter from now on.

Securely scrape millions of AliExpress search results

Anonymously scrape AliExpress pages and avoid captchas and blocks by using our network of worldwide rotating proxies.

Get data for your projects without worrying about residential proxies or technical infrastructure. We take care of all that.

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Get all products and prices

If your business needs fresh pricing data from AliExpress, you are lucky.

Use Crawlbase and query always the latest pricing data. We are compatible with any programming language. Scraping with Python, scraping with Node, scraping with Ruby. You are free to use any programming language with our AliExpress API.

AliExpress multi-currencies

Easy to use API for AliExpress listings with instant validation

Start crawling AliExpress products now, thanks to the easy to use API created for developers.

We provide an endpoint, and you make calls to it. That's it, no extra step required.

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We are here to make the internet accessible for everyone. Our goal is to provide the data freedom you deserve.

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Supporting all kinds of crawling projects

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