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Leads API

Leads API crawls the web and extracts trustful company emails for you

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Crawlbase team has worked with 70k+ companies
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Email Accuracy

Leads API extracts emails from more than 1000 pages where your target company is found online.

API Personalized leads

Personalized Leads

Our artificial intelligence makes a good guess on who can be the contact person to reach.

Bulk import API

Bulk Import API

An API made from developers with focus on bulk calls. Quickly start in less than 5 minutes.

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[ { "email": "[email protected]", "name": "Target Company CEO", "accuracy": 98, "sources": [ "" ] }, { "email": "[email protected]", "name": "Target Company CTO", "accuracy": 95, "sources": [ "", "" ] } ]

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Support with a team of experts

AI data extraction

The easiest way to find company emails

If your business requires company emails, Leads API will provide emails for it.

Call the Leads API and get access to trustful emails for your targeting campaigns.

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Leads Finder

Not a developer and looking for leads? Leads Finder provides you emails from just a web link without having to code anything. The best no-code solution.

Just type the domain and search for leads. You can export leads to json and csv code as well.


Current and valid leads

Stop worrying about non-working emails. Get the latest and validated company emails from trusted sources.

Leads data includes work position, emails, names, and other important attributes for your marketing outreach.

Leads API in a Nutshell

How it Works

Login to Crawlbase
Step 1

Log in to your Crawlbase account to obtain the API user token

Passing target URL
Step 2

Pass the domain via an API call. Example Leads API call using cURL: curl “”

Output Card
Step 3

Export the response as JSON or CSV

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  • 10000 credits
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*1 credit is consumed every 10 emails per domain

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Crawl and Scrape.

Why Crawlbase Leads API

Leads API will give you only existing and quality leads. No more struggling to find which leads are still valid or not working anymore.

Crawlbase Leads API crawls the internet for valid leads so you don't have to do so. Just provide the domain of the company you are targetting and let Leads API do the hard work for you.

Test for free

The first 100 leads are free of charge. No card required.

Simple pricing

For small and medium projects without hidden fees.

No long-term contracts

Leads API subscription can be cancelled at any time.

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Client Feedback

Trusted by customers worldwide

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“At Intel we need data at scale. Crawlbase has helped on our data demands allowing us to crawl billions of documents in a short period of time.”

Devon Lane
Devon Lane

Data Operations Asia

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“We've been using Crawlbase for several years now to help us power parts of our aggregation pipeline with some key information that we wouldn't otherwise be able to get through traditional means.”

Raiph Edwards
Raiph Edwards

Chief Technical Officer

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“Crawlbase helped us scale our data scraping needs in a fast, easy and cost effective way.”

Patrick Gouy
Patrick Gouy

Chief Executive Officer

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“It’s critical to the success of our business to gather YouTube data regularly. Crawlbase has helped UpscaleMethod consistently meet demands for reviews and analytics. Thanks for providing such a solid service!”

Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson

Chief Executive Officer

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“Crawlbase helps PageWatch to test sites that would otherwise be very difficult to crawl, and helps us be more confident in the results we pass on to our users.”

Loftie Ellis
Loftie Ellis

Chief Executive Officer

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“Crawlbase makes collecting all of this data incredibly easy. It dramatically simplified the crawling and scraping process. Instead of handling proxy management, infrastructure and dozens of ever-changing re-captcha-systems ourselves, we delegate to the simple but powerful Crawlbase API and just get the problem solved.”

Nick Luger
Nick Luger

Chief Technical Officer

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Trusted by more than 46,000 paying customers

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