If you’ve already tried looking for an email from a website, you should know that without the right information, it might be frustrating. Whether you want to find an email or scrape a ton of emails for professional use, you are at the right place.

Here we will know how to get a few emails to build a huge list to fulfill your professional or business needs.
You can try all of them depending on what you need to do. You might have tried any or most of these methods, but one of them will get you to your goal.

In this article, you will find out how you can find emails from a website that you can put to good use.

Ask For A Relationship

If you are on a website, most companies will have their customer support or virtual assistants’ handle available for inquiries. You will have to find a way around them to reach the person you want.

Shoot a message to simply connect you to the relevant person, and they will be happy to do so. Just make sure that your email signature mentions your purpose of reaching out or you might be ignored.

Hint: If you’re a VA, you can use your boss’s email signature to bypass this. ;)

Contact Us and About Us Pages

Well, these pages are sometimes missed by many people in a hurry, but here we go. Some websites have them as they are, while others may have them named randomly, in the footer, or behind an image.

These pages are usually there to tell visitors about the business and the people involved with the business. On the contact us page, you will find different means of reaching out to the website or company, including any email address.

You may try some of these methods to find where they are hidden and form your combinations to test.


Test Your Best Hypothesis

If you know someone’s first name, last name, target’s domain, you can guess someone’s email address. Common formats for email addresses are:


First Namebilal@company.com
First Name + Last Namebilal.ahmed@company.com bilalahmed@company.com
First Name + The 1st Letter Of Their Last Namebilala@company.com bilal@company.com
1st Letter Of Their First Name + Last Namebahmed@company.com b.ahmed@company.com
Just Initialsba@company.com b.a@company.com

Note: Don’t try any of those email addresses as they are not real and will not lead you anywhere. :)

Thinking and picking all the possible combinations can be done. However, picking out all the possible variants manually is time-consuming.

Email Permutator+ is a tool from Metric Sparrow by Jesse Avshalomov that creates a list of possible email addresses for you. Just fill in the details and press permutate for the magic to take place.

Email Permutator

Go to your Gmail and click the “Compose” button. Paste all the emails permutated into the “To” field and hover the cursor over the email addresses individually and observe the pop-up. It will show you if the email address is linked with a Google profile.

Alternatively, You may then use a bulk Email validator tool to see which email works and not waste time on the invalid ones.

Google It

Bilal Ahmed E-mail Address

What would you do to search for the best local restaurant in a new area? Google it, right? Similarly, you can just enter the name of your target, followed by the word “email address.” Or you could also search with some combinations like:

Target Name + “email address” + domain

Bilal Ahmed Company.com

Target Name + @ + domain

Bilal Ahmed Crawlbase (formerly ProxyCrawl)

You may even try your own combinations to see what works.

Use Twitter’s Search Feature

Twitter Search Feature

Sometimes people share their email addresses in their tweets or profiles. To hide them from bots, they might replace “.” and “@” symbols with “dot” and “at” words, for instance.

Did you guess your next step?

Go to Twitter’s Advanced Search and look for the words “at” or ”@” and “dot” or. “” in tweets from your target person. You can also include words like “email,” “contact,” or “reach” in your search to get the best results.

Subscribe To Your Target’s mailing list

Another way to find email is to subscribe to the target’s email list. Doing this will guarantee you receive periodic information and updates from them.

So, If they have a newsletter or get more details to form to receive a confirmation email from them, which of course, should have their email in it.

Just reply to one of the newsletter emails with a quick question. You could also ask for their opinion, and you will be lucky enough to get a reply from a human.

Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages

Facebook pages are where most companies enter all the data for the customer’s convenience. From office phone numbers, office address, working hours, and email address, you can find it all on a company’s Facebook page.

This can help you as most blogs and businesses will enter all their information and forget about it. So if you’re looking to get the company’s email, the best place to do so will be on their Facebook page “about” section.

Extensively Find Emails using an API

If you are on a horse and don’t have time for all of this but still want to find emails at scale, there is a way to do that. There is a Crawlbase (formerly ProxyCrawl) Leads API that is easy to use and scale with need. Let’s try to get some emails from the internet. What do you need? You will need:

  • Website to Scrape Email from
  • Crawlbase (formerly ProxyCrawl) Leads API
  • URL to scrape leads from

We first need to import the relevant module to fulfill the requirement.

from urllib.request import urlopen

We will now pass the Leads API, Crawlbase (formerly ProxyCrawl) private token, and the domain to scrape leads from page URL to make things easier.

domain = 'paddle.com';

handler = urlopen('https://api.crawlbase.com/leads?token=USER_TOKEN&domain=' + domain)

The complete code looks like this:

from urllib.request import urlopen

domain = 'paddle.com';

handler = urlopen('https://api.crawlbase.com/leads?token=USER_TOKEN&domain=' + domain)


You will get a result that looks something like the one below.


Crawlbase (formerly ProxyCrawl)’s Leads API scrapes the web’s most trustful company emails for you. Automating all the hassles, leading to a successful targeting campaign. With Crawlbase (formerly ProxyCrawl), you never have to worry about the massive server or scaling costs when working on anything. Just get started with your idea and scale it later.


Communication channels like emails are an important way of connecting and building valuable relationships. Whether you’re using an email tool, checking through social media pages, or just asking through a contact form, getting that email can be a key resource for your business.

This is why you need to follow the information contained in this article to guide you on how to find emails from a website and reach important prospects. There are several ways to get things done. You can even try thinking and experimenting with multiple combinations on your own and then compare them to find out which one best suits your needs.