Looking for guides on how to find the email addresses of anyone might seem a little outdated for the modern life of this era; there are so many other forms of messaging available, after all.

But guess what, email is still one of the most powerful tools that have continued to yield dramatic results for businesses of all sizes. Over 50% of the world’s population has an email id, and if you wish to gain their attention, it is essential to build a highly targeted email list.

But how can you build the list without knowing how to find email addresses? No worries, we have got you covered. In this blog post, we have shared several easy ways to find email addresses.

[BONUS: We have also shared an email scraper tool to help you achieve desired results when trying to find email addresses]. Without further ado, let’s get right into it:

Why is it So Important to Find the Right Email?

When you have an important message, you want to get it in front of the right person to grasp their attention. Although only up to 8.5% of outreach emails receive a response, when in the inbox of the right person, they can significantly improve your chance of receiving a reply.

So when you invest time and effort into building a valuable email list and personalize your messages according to the target audience, the emails end up being 100% worth the effort.

Therefore, you need to spend a significant portion of time in research to find the right email addresses to send your content/ query towards.

How NOT to Find Email Addresses

Buying emails - If you are thinking about it, abort the mission immediately. Here’s why: Buying emails may seem easy to bring leads, but guess what?

It is the wrong way to find email addresses because it often gets you email addresses or those that are gathered without user permission so that you can get caught in a spam trap. Want to get your IP address or domain blacklisted? No?

Then you need not to buy emails and instead invest in carrying out in-depth market research of your prospective clientele. Here are a few ways you can ACTUALLY find email addresses and reach the desired results:

Top 08 Ways on How to Find Email Addresses

Here are a few ways you can use to find email addresses of anyone:

Confused on how to find email addresses and how to use them as a powerful marketing tool

Try Workplace Website

While it may seem obvious, many people tend to forget company websites. 95% of companies use email addresses as their main form of communication to this date. These email addresses are mentioned on the official website’s contact pages.

Hence, when trying to look somebody up, a company’s website can be a great resource.If you are unsure on how to find someone’s email address, try their workplace website’s About page as you will find most of this information about the company here.

Email addresses can also be found on the Contact page.Let’s suppose you have a product on sale and you wish to give an offer to the right person in the company, but their email is not listed on the website. In such a scenario, reach out via the contact page and send an exploratory mail directly through the HR mail.

Use Google

Often overlooked, this option works pretty well at times. You can search people by name on Google. If the person you are looking for has a common name, you may have a hard time finding their email address.

But you can use advanced features of Google search operators to get your desired results. Doing a simple Google search will likely bring you quite a few irrelevant results. So try digging in with advanced Google search features.

  • Try putting your query between quotation marks to get results matching your query keywords.
  • Type in the person’s name and add “email” or “contact” with it.
  • Search out the company website through Google. You can enter a query like; site:example.com + name + email.

The problem with this method is that you can search people by name one at a time, and you have to run the entire process for every email address.

How To Find Someone’s Email Address Through Social Media

You can also find email addresses of people through social media profiles:

  • Facebook: To find emails from facebook, look up their contact information, head over to the ‘About’ section of the profile. Most people add their personal details including email address under the ‘Contact and Basic Info’ section.
  • LinkedIn: When you want to look somebody up, open the person’s LinkedIn profile and click on ‘Contact Info’. For this one, you may need to connect with them first. LinkedIn also allows you to export your connections. If you are already connected with your prospect, you can get their email address by exporting your profile data. For doing so, open the ‘Settings and Privacy’ page, scroll down, click on ‘Getting a copy of your data’, select the ‘Connections’ checkbox, and ‘request Archive’. You can also use web scraping LinkedIn techniques to get their email addresses.
  • Twitter: Being the most obvious one, Twitter has email information on the profile bio. If you cannot find the email in the bio, try the advanced search option on Twitter using keywords. For instance, you can try “keyword(to: username)”.

Again, this method fetches you individual ids - and even that isn’t sure if anyone has kept their profile private.

Guess the Email Address

Pretty much every company uses the same format ‘first name.lastname@company.com‘. Obviously, this option only works if you have the person’s full name. But if the individual has a common name, you may end up landing on the wrong id.

Search for their Personal Websites or Blogs

Over 06 billion websites exist on the web right now, and a staggering amount of them are personal brand websites. Try to look up the personal website or blog of the individual you are searching for. Fortunately, most people link back their social media profiles to their website so you can search it out to find the contact information of the person(s).

Check WHOIS Records

WHOIS is a query and response protocol used to search basic information stored in databases. If the person you are searching for owns a website or blog, you can perform a WHOIS search to find their basic information.WHOIS also allows website owners to hide their contact information from the public. Therefore, this method may not always work.

Check your Own Email List

This way only works if you already have visibility within your industry. In case you are already a small or medium business established in the market, there is a chance that your prospects have already subscribed to your newsletter.So do a quick search of your own email list. You can also use an email marketing software, like Mailchimp or Salesforce, to search your list for contacts.

Use an Email Lookup Tool

Email Lookup Tool

Still not sure how to find someone’s email address? Try software! Good news: There are various email lookup tools available on the internet, so you have multiple options available. Using an email lookup tool will extract trustful emails and leads for you. Instead of spending a lot of time and effort finding emails, you can use this tool to collect email leads within minutes.

Obviously, every option comes with different features and pricing options. While some options are free, they are limiting, and others can get quite expensive. So you want to hit that sweet spot between useful and economical.

For this purpose, we suggest you try Leads API by Crawlbase (formerly ProxyCrawl) to build up your target mailing address

Why Leads API?

There are many email extractor from website tools available that allow you to collect more than 1000 leads within minutes. Our reason behind recommending Leads API as an answer for ‘how to look someone up?’ is the multitude of beneficial features it offers:

  1. Email Accuracy: When the target company is found, this tool extracts emails from more than 1000 pages at once.
  2. Personalized Leads: The artificial intelligence functionality allows the tool to suggest suitable people to reach for your business automatically.
  3. Bulk Import: This tool allows you to bulk import the extracted data in under 05 minutes.
  4. Massive Email Extraction: Leads API allows you to extract up to 10,000 leads per call.
  5. Multiple Website Domains: You can search for email addresses across multiple domain websites in one go.


With so many helpful features, one may assume this tool is pricey. In reality, it is quite economical - and the benefits outweigh the costs considerably. With the Leads API, you get four main packages:

  • Free: For $0, you can get up to 1000 emails and fresh leads.
  • Starter: For $29 per month, you get up to 20k emails, fresh leads, and 05 API concurrency.
  • Advanced: For $49 per month, you can enjoy extended lookups on top of fresh leads, 50,000 emails, and 10 API Concurrency.
  • Premium: The premium package includes all advanced package features, 20 API concurrency, 100K emails, and premium support.

The best part about this software is that it doesn’t bind you into any long-term contract. You can cancel your API subscription at any time.

Get Free Leads

Rules and Regulations Around Cold Emails

Let’s talk about the serious part now. There are many regulations around cold targeting people through email. It is permissible for businesses or individuals to send cold emails, but you have to understand the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) before you start bombarding people with emails.

GDPR regulations exist to control unethical practices when trying to find email addresses

Here is a cold email GDPR checklist that you have to go through before sending out an email:

  1. Ensure you have a suitable, appropriate reason to reach them out.
  2. Add an explanation of how you acquired the email address of the prospect.
  3. Make the unsubscribing process quick and easy.
  4. Regularly clean your database/email list.
  5. Practice data security and user privacy at all times.
  6. Timely response to users’ complaints, especially regarding the use of their data.

The reason behind putting these regulations into place was to put an end to unethical digital marketing practices and protect individuals’ privacy. If you are following these guidelines, you won’t have any problems when emailing anyone.

BONUS: 04 Informative Tips to Get, Keep, and Retain Your Email Prospects

Now that you have managed to answer the main question of how to find someone’s email address, ensured that every step complies with GDPR regulations, and are going into the inbound prospecting phase, try these tips to get on top of the mail game:

Review your Leads:

Use a set of criteria to determine the quality of your leads, and divide them into separate lists accordingly. The dividing factors can include their age, gender, interests, etc.

Connect with the Welcome Email:

Start with an initial welcome email and thoroughly research prospects’ responses to determine whether you have the right audience.

Personalize Every Message:

Your recipient needs to feel important, so ensure your email is custom-tailored to the audience you are specifically sending the email to.

Educate your Audience:

No matter how fancy your wording is, if you are not adding any value for the prospect, there is a chance they will stop responding (or not even reply in the first place). So make sure every word is crafted carefully to add value for the reader.

Final Verdict

Whether you want to reach out to an influencer or develop a list of potential sales leads, want to search for a lost loved one, or just want to ask someone a quick question, emails are the best way to do so.

But many times, when you look somebody up, you may or may not have the address available. Confused about how to find someone’s email address in this digital world? Well, our guide is made to serve this exact purpose.

Go through the list in ascending order and try every method one by one. If you are trying to build a target mailing address list and don’t know your target mailing address, you definitely need the help of automated technology to get you through it.

We recommend using Crawlbase (formerly ProxyCrawl)’s Leads API in such scenarios because not only is it extremely simple to use, it can get the job done accurately in a matter of minutes.