Being one the third most popular social networks, just after Facebook and Instagram, it can not be considered a new kid around the block with around 17.9% engagement per post and nearly 1 billion monthly active users.

We can extract data off TikTok with the help of TikTok Scraper API, a scraper made specifically for the purpose of TikTok scrapers for media or you may custom code a scraper with the right mix of coding and networking skill-set.

Let’s dive into what TikTok is like and how are the youths around the globe attracted to it. The blog will break down the process to scrape TikTok, the best TikTok scrapers as of now and applications and benefits of extracted TikTok data.

What is TikTok?

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a mobile app where users can create and share 15-second videos on various topics. The logo combines the Douyin and logos, despite being separate from the Chinese market, known as Douyin. The number of users on Douyin, which is not included in the figures on TikTok, is more than 300 million.

TikTok is an app that allows you to share videos with friends. TikTok differs from in that it offers a broader range of video creation options than lip-syncing. The TikTok app offers snippets of songs, sounds, filters, and special effects. Users of the site can create a wide range of videos, including dance, funny, challenges, magic tricks, marketing, etc.

TikTok Data Scraper: What Is It?

TikTok Data Scraper

The TikTok platform is still gaining popularity; however, it has already become a valuable tool for several data-driven businesses. Save time and start valuable TikTok data harvesting with the Crawlbase Web Scraping API. This API combines a web scraper with a large residential and datacenter IP pool.

You will be able to receive raw HTML data within seconds by sending only one API request. Even if the first request fails, we’ll keep working until you receive the desired data (no worries, you’ll only pay if the request is successful).

Why Scrape TikTok Data?

Why Scrape TikTok Data?

Assuredly, TikTok is a modern treasure of information and marketing opportunities. The critical use of TikTok social knowledge is promoting research and effective marketing. An intelligent digital marketer can make an effective and efficient growth hack or marketing methodology for hot lead generation and business development because of the data gathered from this social network.

Tech-savvy digital marketers can work on effective yet efficient growth hacking strategies for fresh lead generation and business development because of the data they gather from TikTok.

Even though heaps of trending videos on TikTok are about memes, “normal individuals” also invest a lot of time in this network, looking at intriguing encounters and significant issues: life at school/college, progressing development, diseases they live with, struggles with business, and considerably more.

So, market surveying opens doors in this field are abundant, permitting us to explore and better comprehend the client journey for the assortment of products and services.

TikTok currently has more than 1 billion monthly active users, according to Wallaroo Media. The following graph illustrates where the other social media platforms were in terms of monthly active users compared to TikTok in 2022:

TikTok monthly users

TikTok data mining and analysis also permit us to successfully distinguish influencers on critical subjects, which can be very significant for many brands like clothing and cosmetics, the leading ones. Food and beverages, attire, pet care, and way of life are the businesses for which TikTok can become an outright gold mine. Higher education can also effectively distinguish student TikTok influencers in different spheres and promote educational tiktok product trends scraping.

Fields for TikTok Data Scraping

According to TikTok, you can collect approximately 50 types of information from users. Using TikTok analysis, you can estimate video views, account followers/following growth, engagement rate, and other metrics.

For TikTok data mining, you can scrape the following fields:

  • Title of TikTok
  • User ID
  • Profile of the user
  • ID Video title
  • Videos
  • Likes
  • Instagram ID
  • YouTube ID
  • Email address
  • popular Creator tags
  • Video URL

TikTok’s Data: What Can We Do With It?

It is possible to scrape any information from a user’s Profile. Is there any specific use for this data? The following are some possible uses:

  • Grow Your Audience By Leveraging Hashtag Data

When you carefully research the hashtags that your ideal customers/audience utilize on social media, you can grow your following quickly. By TikTok data collection, you can save time and effort.

  • Perform Sentiment Analysis of Consumers

Are you interested in finding out what your customers or audience like? It is possible to scrape this data by location. In this way, you can make more informed decisions about what types of content or products to release.

  • Engage Influencers and Grow Your Audience

In 2022, influencer marketing will be one of the most valuable tools available to brands. Besides, finding and connecting with qualified influencers can be difficult - scraping the top influencers in your niche can make things easier.

  • Develop Informed Marketing Campaigns

You could waste your time and energy on marketing campaigns without real-world data. TikTok’s platform gives you the best chance of success by providing real-time data-driven strategies.

Which Age Group Uses TikTok Most Often?

Age groups of TikTok users

A total of 23.7 million Americans aged 25-34 use TikTok. Approximately 22.5 million users are between 18-24, followed by 16.6 million between 12-17. The following is a list of users by age.

How to Scrape TikTok Videos by Crawlbase?

Now, to scrape TikTok with Python and Crawlbase, you need to install the required library:

pip install crawlbase to install Crawlbase’s Scraping and Crawling API wrapper library

from crawlbase, import ScraperAPI

API = ScraperAPI({'token': 'USER_TOKEN'})

targetURL = ''
response = api.get(targetURL, {'autoparse': 'true'})

if response['status_code'] == 200:
TikTok scraping results

Top Best TikTok Scrapers 2023

Now, let’s look at the list of best TikTok scrapers on the market in 2022 capable of scraping data for you.

Scraping is not just for those with coding skills. If you don’t have coding abilities, this segment is for you. Additionally, TikTok or the experienced ones who would rather not waste time obstruct unpracticed coders. With the help of a scraper, you can scrap a wide range of information from TikTok.

There are a lot of TikTok scrapers on the market, but they can be expensive - or you will have to spend money for sure. The following are the top best TikTok scrapers in the market.

  1. Crawlbase

The Crawlbase web scraper is one of the most amazing scrapers to scrape TikTok. Crawlbase has developed this video scraper for those individuals who need coding experience. The joining of this product furnishes you with an automatic point of interaction that permits you to prepare it in the scraped information through its implanted visual snap tasks.

Crawlbase is the best TikTok data scraper tool that can scrape any online available data accessible on the TikTok web application. Crawlbase is mainly for the new networks., which is the class of present-day web that TikTok has a place with because of its JavaScript-weighty nature and the way it is a web.

The group behind the Crawlbase has experience bypassing against scratching frameworks that TikTok has set up to forestall unapproved admittance to its information. The group has the experience of an ex-Google crawler, implying that they have the essential expertise up their sleeves to make you stress less.

  1. Bright Data

It is no big surprise that we would perceive Bright information first. The Data scraping services that Bright Data gives are the most incredible in the information assortment industry. Splendid information is an eminent forerunner in the intermediary offering business sector. Having laid down a good foundation for itself occupied with giving the reasonable intermediary.

TikTok information, by hashtags, is more accessible scratching administrations you want to complete. It has now expanded into the market of web scratching, with its information authority instrument being the essential apparatus to meet this new pursuit. Its instrument has the help expected to scratch information off TikTok effectively. The Data authority administration of Bright Data can be effectively utilized for scraping TikTok profiles.

Another exciting thing about the Bright Data device is, assuming any custom information you aim to gather. They don’t have the default backing to improve their assortment. You can rapidly demand it from them; The Bright Data gatherer apparatus is accessible as online help, and you can use your program without much s access.

As confirmed in the run-of-the-mill model, you can download the scratched information once the information authority is scraping. The model shows the instrument tried by gathering profile information of a couple of fan-most loved big names. Another component of this help is that the information yield design is Excel, and the upheld stage for this interaction is electronic.

  1. Apify

The Apify stage is exceptional in helping you automate tasks that you would have done manually on your browser. To accomplish this, they have several bots or actors that can assist you with finishing your work.

Apify has several particular scrapers for the scraping of many famous sites and media currently ruling the web: they don’t have a specific TikTok scraper software for completing explicit TikTok-related scraping of content hashtags and preferences.

The Apify scraper for the web, with help for delivering pages utilizing Google Chrome, is supportive in assisting you with scraping TikTok data collection with relative convenience. But, instead of using the free standard set of proxies that go with it, you can save money on obtaining their rotating residential proxies because, dissimilar to e features of the Data collector by Bright Data, Apify is just intended for Node.JS coders.

The key element of this proxy service provider is that it is free; however, you would have to add proxies to begin your browsing. Another feature is that it considers freemium tools; the information output permitted on Apify is JSON, while the central upheld platform is the NodeJS library.

  1. Octoparse

Octoparse is one more fascinating visual scraper that can rapidly scrape TikTok. The tool permits you to thoroughly and effectively scrape profile details- video links and comments, among different scraping options.

To thoroughly enjoy Octoparse. The help of this device is relatively simple to use and has a complementary plan for specific limitations. You’d need to buy the paid plan to partake in their services. Utilizing Octoparse, you can easily change over the entirety of your data from the Tiktok platform to an organized spreadsheet for you to use.

A thing that you’d like about Octoparse is that if you don’t do the scraping yourself, you can contact the tool company to let them know that they offer you your desired information at the cost you need.

  1. ParseHub

ParseHub is another excellent web scraper you could use for TikTok data gathering. The focal selling point for ParseHub is its marketing methodology of being a free web scraper.

However, this may be true; it likewise has a paid plan that resembles its main course if you utilize a scraping tool that would promise you relaxation and peace of mind. Another feature that makes it a feasible device is its overall simplicity of utilization. To start, you should point and click the interface in the manual activity to recognize the information you need to scrape, and afterward, the tools take it from that point and do their job for you consistently.

ParseHub is for the modern web, implying that you can unwind despite TikTok being a website that depends hugely on JavaScript programming. The accessible information output formats are Excel and JSON, while the supported platforms are cloud and Desktop.

The Fastest-Growing Country and Region on Tiktok

TikTok users growth

Middle East and the Africa ranked first amonst the rapidly growing regions last year. Their growth percentage was about 31.9%. Asia-Pacific was the second fastest at 17.7 percent. With our third contender, Latin America with a growth rate of about 17.3 percent.

Due to it’s personalized content recommendation algorithm, TikTok is highly addictive and creates a fear of missing out effect with the short videos as per The New York Times. It is creator-friendly since they provide interesting video-editing tools for beginners to post their videos. Working with creators, TikTok rewards them better than similar platforms across the industry. This is the very reason why micro-influencers play a pivotal role in maintaining the health of the user-creator ecosystem.

Users of TikTok by Gender

TikTok users by gender

Female users on TikTok are 22.5% higher than male users in the US as of 2022. Just in 2023, male users percentage is predicted to grow faster than the female users, which would be near 7.8%.

TikTok - Best Advertising Network

Marketers reap the benefits of the best reach and engagement as the TikTok’s algorithm allows for new accounts with literally zero followers to have the best reach and engagement on their very first video if the audience finds it interesting, unlike Youtube and Instagram where you need authority and good number of fans or followers first.

Marketers benefit from TikTok’s reach and engagement. The algorithm’s viral nature allows TikTok accounts with zero followers to receive millions of views on a new video, unlike Instagram or YouTube. Engaging content will also follow if the audience finds it appealing.

As per a research conducted by MRC Data and Flamingo, 68% of TikTokers are more likely to remember your brand if if your video has a song they like. This results in brands retaining more customers building long-term relationships.

  • Most TikTok users say the platform assists them in making a purchasing decision after seeing a product advertised on TikTok. Using the right influencer can help promote products while keeping the content entertaining or humorous.
  • A TikTok video with a high CTR communicates its message in 3 seconds.
  • The 6-second views of vertical TikToks are 25% higher than those of horizontal TikToks.
  • Advertising on TikTok can increase recall by 27% when collaborating with creators.
  • The TikTok platform has an engagement rate of nearly 18% with micro-influencers, much higher than the 3.86% engagement rate of Instagram and the 1.63 % engagement rate of YouTube.
  • Despite the high ad revenue prediction for Twitter and Snapchat in 2022, the total amount will still fall short of TikTok’s projected $11 billion revenue.
  • TikTok generated 4 billion US dollars in advertising revenue in 2021. According to Statista, this figure expects to rise to 13.8 billion US dollars by 2026.

TikTok Scraping Benefits

Benefits of scraping TikTok

You must be having a lot of questions as of now as to how TikTok scraping be beneficial to you. Let me bring to your knowledge before you invest your time into this hefty process that requires a ton of time and resources. Let’s count the benefits:

  • Keep Up with the Latest Trend

Marketing relies heavily on trends. Staying on top of emerging trends is possible by scraping the TikTok platform. Using information about your target audience’s current interests, you can plan and design your next post and related content accordingly. If you plan to launch something new into the market, you must go for TikTok product trends scraping so you know better of what the marketing is looking for and where there is a room for improvement.

  • Identify & Target The Local User

Identifying your local audience using data collected from the TikTok platform is possible. This allows personalized offers only available in certain areas to target.

  • Understand Your Audience

By scraping your audience’s TikTok accounts, you can learn more about them and their preferences. With this approach, you can create posts you know will engage your audience.

  • Competitor Monitoring

Scrape your competitors and perform Tiktok product trends scraping to make sure your efforts are up-to-date and at least as per market competitors. Information extracting can also help you identify areas for improvement in your marketing strategies.

  • Boost Your Follower Count

By getting your hands on the followers’ information, you can help yourself grow your followers explosively. You need to follow all the followers and the ones they follow, engage and view and gather all that information to see what you need your content calendar with and increase your followers.

  • Sentiment Analysis

Identify your audience’s thoughts about your products, services, and brand. It is beneficial to collect any mentions of your business so that you can quickly determine what your users think about it. You can conduct sentiment analysis by scraping TikTok.

  • Enhance Public Relation

It is also possible to use TikTok data to improve public relations and communication. Scraping your brand’s mentions will allow you to quickly identify if your consumers have complaints or issues so that you can address them quickly.

Why Choose Crawlbase TikTok Scraping Software?

  • Our tool can tap into the finest practices of TikTok scraping to handle various data-gathering requirements.
  • We have done an excellent job of providing expert data scraping tools in the past, and we have made it among the ‘best in the business.’ We can help you in activities such as TikTok scraping and other such activities in the future.
  • With TikTok Data Mining, we will take data from TikTok’s website and convert them into an easy-to-understand format using our software.


This blog has discussed every important aspect of scraping data from TikTok. Today, TikTok is undoubtedly one of the most popular platforms for marketers to leverage their efforts. TikTok might be a more scalable place for your organization if you are a mid-market organization.

As it may be obvious, there is a wide assortment of best pre-built information scraping solutions, proxies, and advertising automation tools. Utilizing them keenly, you can rapidly acquire an upper hand over your competitors.

Although, scraping social media is a perplexing and challenging task in itself. TikTok video content and login requirements make the mission considerably more convoluted, particularly if you need analysis at a vast scale.

For this situation, an expert team of Crawlbase is ready to deal with the tasks for you. It is the best TikTok data extractor. All you want is to contact our delegate for free counsel, discuss your project, business specifics, and the information required, and we will do everything for you. You will get precise, solid, and up-to-date details from TikTok that you need without wasting your time.