A Proxy is a server that acts as a gateway between the internet and a user. The two major functionalities of a Proxy server is privacy and security. However, advanced proxy servers do much more than security and privacy. They act as a firewall, provide shared network connection, and improve network performance, and they filter the web. Proxies came about as a measure against data security breaches, identity theft, and lots more.

There are lots of reason why you should use a Proxy Server. They include control of internet usage, speed, bandwidth, and security. Proxy servers can also enable you to get access to blocked resources. For example, Facebook is blocked in China, but with a proxy, a user can change his or her location and access it.

How does a proxy work?

This is how a Proxy works. A proxy server takes the flow of incoming internet traffic when you request for an address. The request would then pass through the Proxy server, and then the Proxy server forwards the data received from the URL to you.

Types of proxies

There are four types of Proxy Servers. They are Anonymous Proxy, Transparent Proxy, Distorting Proxy, and High anonymity proxies.

An anonymous proxy identifies itself as a proxy without passing your IP address to the website while a Transparent Proxy identifies itself as a Proxy but Passes your IP address to the site.

Distorting Proxy is a type of proxy that identifies itself as a proxy but passes a false IP to the website. With this, you can appear to come from a different location, thereby letting you access to restricted contents and site.

High anonymity Proxy, an excellent example of this is Tor Network. It periodically changes the IP address that is passed to the website. This model provides the best form of security and anonymity online.

What is a Smart backconnect proxy?

Let’s take a look at Smart backconnect proxy which is what we offer at Crawlbase (formerly ProxyCrawl).

Smart backconnect proxy is the most advanced rotating proxy on the internet today. On top of offering high security and anonimicity it offers many additional features which can be seen here.