Ensuring data security and privacy is paramount in today’s digital landscape, especially for businesses relying on web scraping and data extraction. Crawlbase, a leading web data extraction platform, prioritizes security measures and privacy controls to safeguard customers’ confidential information from unauthorized access. Crawlbase has comprehensive suite of APIs, including Crawling API, Crawler for Enterprises, Scraper API, Screenshots API, Storage API and Smart Proxy which allow secure website crawling and cloud storage.This allows safe data encryption maintaining strict data privacy standards.

As a GDPR and CCPA compliant company, Crawlbase employs advanced security practices, identity management protocols, and encryption techniques to secure data during transmission and storage. This blog delves into the intricate details of Crawlbase’s data security and privacy policy, exploring the measures taken to protect sensitive information, prevent data loss, and mitigate security vulnerabilities, ensuring businesses can confidently crawl websites and extract data without compromising data availability or integrity.

Crawlbase Privacy Policy outlines fair and transparent practices for collecting user information while giving users control over their accounts and personal data. As long-time advocates of data freedom, Crawlbase is fully committed to upholding these consumer protection standards globally.

One of Crawlbase’s core principles is maintaining user anonymity during data extraction processes. The platform operates stealthily, concealing users’ actions and identities while scraping valuable insights like market trends and competitor analysis from online sources. Crawlbase emphasizes that anonymity is the user’s “greatest ally” in data-driven decision-making, enabling precise extraction of strategic information without revealing one’s identity.

While the content does not explicitly detail what user data is collected, Crawlbase extracts only the necessary information required for its services like your basic account information. Crawlbase has protocols in place to handle user data responsibly and provide appropriate data protection.

At Crawlbase, safeguarding user privacy is the top priority. The platform adheres to a strict policy of not keeping or logging any customer information, ensuring that user data remains secure and confidential.

Crawlbase operates on the principle of data minimization, collecting and retaining only the essential information required to provide its services. The platform does not store or log any personal or sensitive data, such as payment information, or browsing histories. This approach significantly reduces the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access, as there is no customer information to be compromised.

Crawlbase employs an ephemeral data handling model, where user data is processed and delivered in real-time, without being stored or cached on the platform’s servers. This ensures that user data is not retained or logged beyond the immediate processing requirements, further enhancing privacy and security.

Once the requested data has been delivered, it is securely purged from Crawlbase’s systems, leaving no trace of user activities or information.

By adhering to this strict policy of not keeping or logging any customer information, Crawlbase demonstrates its unwavering commitment to user privacy and data security.

How does Crawlbase secure data

Crawlbase ensures the security of your data through encryption protocols, access controls, and proactive security measures. Crawlbase website undergoes regular scans for security vulnerabilities and malware to ensure a safe browsing experience for the users.

Personal information provided to Crawlbase is stored securely behind protected networks, accessible only to authorized personnel with strict confidentiality obligations. Additionally, the sensitive data you provide is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and stored securely, with passwords hashed to prevent reversibility.

To further safeguard your information, Crawlbase implements a range of security measures whenever you place an order, submit, or access your data on it. These measures are designed to maintain the integrity and safety of your information throughout your interaction with the services.

How is data at Crawlbase secured during transmission?

During transmission, data accessed through Crawlbase APIs is encrypted using strong encryption algorithms, such as SSL/TLS, to prevent unauthorized interception or tampering. This ensures that data remains secure while being transferred between servers and the user’s systems.

Crawlbase offers a Smart Proxy solution that enables users to route their web scraping traffic through a network of secure proxy servers. These proxies act as intermediaries, concealing the user’s real IP address and location, ensuring anonymity during data extraction processes.

It also supports IP rotation, which automatically cycles through multiple IP addresses, making it more difficult for target websites to detect and block scraping activities. This feature enhances the reliability and success rate of web scraping operations while maintaining data security.

Where does Crawlbase store the data?

Account Information: Crawlbase securely store account information, like email addresses, passwords, and other account settings, in encrypted databases hosted on trusted cloud infrastructure providers. Access to this data is strictly controlled and limited to authorized personnel.

Billing information: Crawlbase partners with trusted third-party providers such as Stripe or Paddle to securely handle your payment information. Crawlbase never stores, collect, or have access to any payment information. Your billing details, including payment methods and transaction history, are securely stored by these third-party providers in compliance with industry-leading security standards.

Crawled data: Crawlbase does not store or cache any data obtained through API unless specified or if the Storage API has been utilized by the user to store the data. The API response, which includes the crawled data, is transmitted directly to the user without any interim storage on Crawlbase servers. However, in cases where users request scraped data instead of the entire HTML response of the page, certain data may be temporarily stored on secure cloud for processing purposes.

Security compliance at Crawlbase

Yes, Crawlbase adhere to strict security compliance standards to ensure the protection of user data. Crawlbase practices are in line with industry best practices and regulatory requirements, including GDPR compliance. Crawlbase regularly assess and update its security measures to maintain compliance with evolving standards.

Methods Crawlbase use to secure Infrastructure

Crawlbase prioritize security to keep your data safe and our platform reliable. We do this by using multiple layers of protection, including regular security checks, simulated attacks (penetration testing), and strong security measures. We also partner with reputable providers who meet high security standards to host our infrastructure.

Customer Data Security during API Usage:

At Crawlbase, ensuring the security and integrity of customer data during API usage is the top priority. The platform employs a comprehensive approach to protect user data and prevent unauthorized interference.

Robust API Security Measures

  1. Crawlbase’s APIs are designed with robust security protocols to safeguard user data.
  2. The APIs utilize industry-standard encryption techniques, such as SSL/TLS, to ensure that all data transmitted between the user’s device and Crawlbase’s servers is encrypted and protected from interception.
  3. Crawlbase implements strict access controls and authentication mechanisms, ensuring that only authorized users with valid credentials can access and interact with the APIs.

Comprehensive Data Protection

  1. Crawlbase does not store or log any customer information, including login credentials, payment details, or browsing histories. This minimalistic approach significantly reduces the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.
  2. The platform utilizes a pool of millions of proxies and employs advanced IP rotation techniques to protect user IP addresses and maintain anonymity during web scraping operations.
  3. Crawlbase’s AI-powered solutions are designed to handle complex websites, ensuring successful data extraction while adhering to strict security protocols.

By implementing these security measures, Crawlbase ensures that when customers utilize its APIs, their data remains secure and cannot be compromised or interfered with by unauthorized parties.

Crawlbase is committed to providing comprehensive resources to address any inquiries regarding its data security and privacy policies. As an industry leader in web crawling and scraping solutions, Crawlbase offers a wide range of developer resources like detailed documentation, libraries and SDKs to ensure transparency and facilitate a thorough understanding of its robust security measures.

Extensive Documentation

Crawlbase maintains detailed documentation covering its various product offerings, including the Crawling API, Scraper API, Screenshots API, Smart Proxy, Cloud Storage, and Leads API. This documentation provides in-depth insights into the platform’s security protocols, data handling practices, and compliance measures, enabling customers to thoroughly review and assess Crawlbase’s approach to data security and privacy.

Developer Resources and Support

  1. Crawlbase’s developer resources include libraries & SDKs, tutorials, and 24/7 support, ensuring that customers have access to the necessary tools and guidance to effectively leverage the platform’s capabilities while adhering to industry best practices for data security and privacy.
  2. Regular product status updates and feature request submissions allow customers to stay informed about the latest developments and contribute to the platform’s evolution, fostering a collaborative approach to addressing emerging security challenges.
  3. Crawlbase’s blog serves as a valuable resource, featuring articles and insights on web crawling, scraping, and related topics, including data security and privacy considerations.

Proven Track Record and Customer Testimonials

With over 70,000 customers worldwide, Crawlbase has established itself as a trusted and reliable partner for businesses seeking secure and scalable web data extraction solutions. Positive customer feedback highlights the ease of use, scalability, and reliability of Crawlbase’s services, further reinforcing its commitment to delivering robust and secure solutions.

By providing comprehensive documentation, developer resources, and customer support, Crawlbase empowers its customers to thoroughly review and understand its data security and privacy policies, fostering a transparent and collaborative approach to addressing the evolving challenges of data protection in the digital age.


Crawlbase understands the importance of your data privacy and takes proactive measures to ensure it remains protected at all times.

Rest assured, every piece of information you entrust to Crawlbase is handled with the highest level of confidentiality and security protocols.

Crawlbase team continuously monitors and updates systems to maintain the integrity and safety of your data.