You may have questions about a web scraper API and which web scraper is best suited for your needs between Crawlbase and Octoparse. Does it happen to you that people ask you to write a separate API that integrates social media data with your website analytics database and stores the raw data as it is you receive it from social media platforms? So, let’s get started.

What is Web Scraper API?

Using a web scraping API, you can get your hands on your data after the web scraper has extracted the data for you from a website. Users can download scraped data into their designated database using the web scraping service provider’s API connection to enable them to download the scraped data.

As a result of using web scraping API, users will be able to get scraped data into their databases automatically once they update a particular piece of data.


It is important to note that Octoparse scraper is an open-source, no-coding tool that allows you to collect and extract data. Users of all levels of experience can use it to extract information from websites in bulk, making it perfect for both the experienced and the novice. Most scraping tasks don’t need you to have any coding knowledge to complete them. With it, you can extract clean, structured data from virtually any website and save it in a format of your choice. Additionally, you can create APIs based on any data.

The Software has an API that supports both Standard API and Advanced API. With Standard API, Octoparse can send all data extracted from the cloud to a specific in-house database defined by a user. An Advanced API can perform all the functions a Standard API can perform. Moreover, Advanced APIs allow users to manipulate and access their cloud-based data.

If you have found it frustrating to work with APIs in the past, you will be happy to know that Octoparse web scraper has made it easy for you to integrate its API into your web application.

Benefits of Octoparse Web Scraper API

When it comes to extracting data automatically, Octoparse provides you with everything you need. Scrape web data quickly and easily without writing code and turning web pages into structured data within a few clicks!

We get it, and we are here to help. It is essential to have the data and not have the headaches associated with it. Using the Octoparse web scraper API, you’ll be able to scrape data with peace of mind.

  • A Quick & Hassle-Free Process

We provide a flexible and scalable web scraping service that ensures your team can get accurate data delivered to them with Octoparse web scraping service. There is no need to wait weeks or months to get data - it is available within days. This means you can build or maintain everything without building or maintaining anything.

  • Scalable and Flexible

With the Octoparse scraper data solution, companies can handle projects of any size, from one-time projects to recurring ones, from a few hundred records to millions of records each day, no matter the project size. Adapt your business model to your growth needs.

  • High-Quality, Reliable Data

With our experience and expertise, we can measure your needs, solve scraping issues and deliver the exact service you need. It’s time to say goodbye to data gaps and messy datasets.

  • A Usable, Formatted Data Set

Ready-to-use data in Excel or CSV or integrate with your database. Directly download via REST API. No more data gaps and messy datasets.

The advantages above are just a few of the benefits of scraping websites. It is possible to use a web crawler to extract the data described above from the websites. You may have a better idea of how to apply it than I do.

Scraping the web is a very powerful tool, so don’t underestimate its power. Obtaining a large volume of information routinely is the best solution for businesses. It would be best if you focused all your energy on your company’s most important business operations.


There is no doubt that Crawlbase’s Scraper API is a game-changer in the field of web scraping. With an API, one can automate data scraping and web data parsing in an easy and automated way. Any robot will encounter several challenges in crawling and scraping a website.

For example, one challenge will be detecting robot detection tools that websites implement, such as detecting how many requests are coming from one IP address, CAPTCHAs, password-protected access to data, and honeypot traps. This is why Scraper API helps to solve the problem.

Developers will find it easy to use the API since it focuses on their needs. It doesn’t matter if you prefer Curl, Ruby, Node, PHP, Python, Go, or any other language the Scraper API is very easy to implement in any application you write. You can connect your application to the Scraper API in less than five minutes and get started. Besides, you will also be able to contact a 24/7 support team whenever you need assistance.

Features of Octoparse vs Crawlbase Scraper API

  • An Easy-To-Use Tool for Extracting Data

Let’s look at an example of using a web scraper to extract data from a website. Using Crawlbase’s Scraper API, we will show how this works. To use the Scraper API effectively, you can have advanced programming knowledge. In three simple steps, you will be able to use the API by itself, and you will be able to execute it via a web browser or terminal to execute the following output.

You must first create an account and obtain an API key from your account to get an API key. A full user guide is available from the Crawlbase team, along with 24/7 support for those who wish to learn more about the Scraper API, for which a comprehensive user guide is available. It’s time to make your first call to the API

  • Proxies with the Largest Network

One of the largest networks of proxies powers the API, so you can safely download scraped data without getting banned or detected. With the Scraper API, you can access websites like Amazon, Twitter, eBay, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many more.

In addition, machine learning algorithms are extremely intelligent, enabling you to overcome these obstacles and handle dynamic websites requiring JavaScript-compatible browsers.

  • The Scraper API simplifies data pipelines for Data Engineers

By using APIs, you can save time and resources and boost productivity. Nowadays, firms prefer scraping the web instead of starting from scratch to save time and money. Several key features that help manage the data pipeline are available through third-party APIs, which are the future of Software as a Service.

One of the top scraping tools for web scraping is the Scraper API from Crawlbase. Using this program, you can bypass any limitations and effortlessly extract large-scale web pages without hassle. In a matter of seconds, you can extract thousands of web pages without experiencing any slowdown.

To ensure the success of every request, Crawlbase scrapes data from worldwide locations and uses the most advanced artificial intelligence. It scrapes global data from 17 data centers and uses hundreds of high-quality proxies.

Data pipelines can extract a large amount of data with the help of tools like Scraper APIs. Usually, these scrapers produce raw or unstructured data in JSON or HTML It is necessary to clean and sort the data before feeding it into a pipeline.

Developers need to work on cleaning scraped data with various methods. It is possible to train the machine learning models on clean data and use it for research and analytical purposes. To manage, track and visualize data, this scraper tool would be the perfect fit for your data pipeline.

  • 99% Success Rate with Unlimited Bandwidth

Scraping massive web pages with a 99% success rate is possible with Crawlbase’s scraper API’s unlimited bandwidth. It is easier to access the server since there are no bandwidth restrictions. The ability to scrape data from multiple websites without interrupting the process benefits users.

  • 100% Network Uptime for E-Commerce Data Scraping

If your business requires data scraping, Scraper API will do it for you. You can use web scrapers to do any business function you need, whether it is data mining for business intelligence, price analysis, or review extraction. In Scraper API, the embedded artificial intelligence can detect and fix scrapers for you. As a result, your business will never stop, and the network will be up 100% of the time.

  • Free 1000 Requests After Registration

The Crawlbase Scraper API goes through the URL you want and handles everything for you. To use the Scraper API, you must allow every request using your private token. You can test the Scraper API’s quality for free for 1000 requests before committing to a subscription.

Octoparse vs Crawlbase Scraper API

Simple and user-friendly workflowUser-friendly
Coding isn’t requiredSatisfying Customer support
Ease of UseUltra-secure and safe process
Data QualityHandle High Data Volumes with Data Quality

Final Thoughts

It has been the purpose of this article to discuss the features of both Octoparse and Crawlbase in terms of their web scraper APIs. The best Octoparse alternative is Crawlbase while there are multiple scrapers on the market, it is the fastest and easiest to use. They are among the best web scraping Software available on the market with powerful web scraper APIs that have a few differences, and you can choose whichever suits your needs best.

Our choice is Crawlbase. The best way to reduce complexity is to use a web scraping tool that integrates with APIs so that you can extract and transform data simultaneously without having to write any code.

A web scraping tool like Crawlbase empowers non-coders to take data from any website using an intuitive interface. To achieve two different things, their software engineers build API integrations that enable you to accomplish the following:

  • Using this tool, you will be able to extract any data from the website without the need to wait for the web server to respond.
  • Using Crawlbase API integration, you can send extracted data from the cloud directly to your in-house applications.

Furthermore, using our system allows you to convert raw data into forms like Excel, or CSV, as needed. The other benefit of this system is that it can run on a schedule to eliminate complicity during the manual data extraction process.