We always aim to be 100% online to be able to offer our services to all the companies out there who trust us, but it can happen that due to some circumstances, some of our infrastructure or services might become partially or fully unavailable, slow or affected, that is why we wanted to be more transparent about it.

As our services keep growing, we’ve decided to create an centralize a status page in a place where you can always check regardless if any of our services is temporarily being affected by a downtime.

That is why we’ve created the Crawlbase Status Page. Make sure to save it in your bookmarks, and if you ever encounter any problem with our service, go ahead and check it out to see if there is any problem or currently ongoing maintenance.

Technology behind

Our engineering team has been building one internal notifier to internally know about status changes for a long time (we might open source it at some point), but making that public required time and resources which we don’t have at the moment as we are fully focused on improving and growing Crawlbase. That is why we’ve decided to use a public facing status page which our engineers has found to be loved by many companies which we internally connected to our system.

We want to thank statusfy for the amazing work done on this open source status page project.

So again, make sure to bookmark our status page, and rush there to see if there are any updates when you see some problem while using our services.