Crawlbase recently received two important recognitions from CompareCamp, a leading website on product review.

After a detailed product testing, their B2B software experts awarded Crawlbase API, our web crawler, with two quality certificates: Great User Experience and Rising Star of 2019.

The Great User Experience recognition from CompareCamp is awarded to solutions that have a well-designed interface, which has always been a priority for all Crawlbase products.
Moreover, B2B review platform considered Crawlbase API to have a “perfect” and “simple approach” that can benefit “beginners or companies in need of web scraping services.” It also mentioned how our system is “ultra-secure” and enables users to crawl pages that are JavaScript dynamic with “minimal effort.” Lastly, the reviewers evaluated that Crawlbase’s “simple pre-installed API helps users to crawl the web in minutes while saving lots of time for developers.”

After CompareCamp’s thorough analysis, Crawlbase API earned a high 82 rating. Below are the quality scores provided for each category:

CompareCamp quality

These awards reflect Crawlbase’s efforts and focus on providing great products while offering users a high-quality experience. It also encourages our pursuit to create new and innovative solutions to our clients, besides our newly awarded Crawlbase API.

You can check here the full review Crawlbase API review.