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Protect your web crawler against blocked requests, proxy failure, IP leak, browser crash and CAPTCHAs!

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99% Avg Success Rate

Crawl and scrape the web with great accuracy and efficiency.

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No bandwidth Limit

Access and extract as much web data as needed without restrictions.

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30+ Geolocations

Optimize each request with custom locations using only the most reliable proxies.

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Start crawling in minutes


Easily integrate crawling in your apps.


Forget about hardware, infrastructure, proxies, setup, blocks, captchas…


We handle all that for you. Just call our API and get website data.


We literally support millions of different websites.

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We support millions of other websites

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Crawl using real web browsers

Crawl regular and JavaScript dynamically generated pages

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We can crawl pages and provide you the full HTML even if it's built using only JavaScript; React, Angular, Vue, Ember, Meteor, etc.

Learn more about how to

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Crawling API in a Nutshell

How it Works

Login to Crawlbase
Step 1

Log in to your Crawlbase account to obtain the API user token

Passing target URL
Step 2

Send a GET request to the API endpoint with the user token and your target URL fully encoded. Example using cURL: curl “”

Get output
Step 3

Wait for the API response and save the crawled content.

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Swril arrow blackCrawlbase Aritificial Intelligence to avoid blocks and captchas

We avoid blocks and captchas for you

Thanks to our knowledge, artificial intelligence and our team of engineers, we constantly tweak and change our algorithms to avoid blocks and solve captchas for you.

We care for your crawling success.

Capture and save screenshots

Keep track of the visual changes on all pages you crawl with an easy to use Screenshot API feature.

Get screenshots of the entire crawled pages in JPEG format, we'll save each of them in our system for up to an hour.

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Crawlbase Crawling API terminal code

Easy to use API with instant setup

Start crawling websites in minutes thanks to the easy to use API built from developers to developers.

Simple integration with your favorite language and framework.

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Monthly pricing calculator

How many pages do you plan to crawl each month?

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Successful RequestsPrice per requestTotal price
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Next 100,0000.06¢
Next 1,000,0000.05¢
Next 10,000,0000.01¢
Next 100,000,0000.005¢
Next 1,000,000,0000.004¢
After 1,000,000,0000.002¢
Total monthly price
Regular pages$0.00
JavaScript pages$0.00

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You only pay for successful requests

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Crawl and Scrape.

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Global user prote-ction compliance

As long-time data freedom advocates, Crawlbase is fully committed to implementing consumer protection standards globally. Our existing actions reflect this commitment through fairness and transparency when collecting user data, that users have control over their account and personal information.

As required by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union (EU) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), we have outlined those practices for all users involved in the Privacy policy section.

Client Feedback

Trusted by customers worldwide

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“At Intel we need data at scale. Crawlbase has helped on our data demands allowing us to crawl billions of documents in a short period of time.”

Devon Lane
Devon Lane

Data Operations Asia

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“We've been using Crawlbase for several years now to help us power parts of our aggregation pipeline with some key information that we wouldn't otherwise be able to get through traditional means.”

Raiph Edwards
Raiph Edwards

Chief Technical Officer

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“Crawlbase helped us scale our data scraping needs in a fast, easy and cost effective way.”

Patrick Gouy
Patrick Gouy

Chief Executive Officer

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“It’s critical to the success of our business to gather YouTube data regularly. Crawlbase has helped UpscaleMethod consistently meet demands for reviews and analytics. Thanks for providing such a solid service!”

Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson

Chief Executive Officer

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PageWatch logo

“Crawlbase helps PageWatch to test sites that would otherwise be very difficult to crawl, and helps us be more confident in the results we pass on to our users.”

Loftie Ellis
Loftie Ellis

Chief Executive Officer

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“Crawlbase makes collecting all of this data incredibly easy. It dramatically simplified the crawling and scraping process. Instead of handling proxy management, infrastructure and dozens of ever-changing re-captcha-systems ourselves, we delegate to the simple but powerful Crawlbase API and just get the problem solved.”

Nick Luger
Nick Luger

Chief Technical Officer

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Trusted by more than 46,000 paying customers

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