Have you ever wanted to get into web scraping for any particular reason in the past or even present? If you have, you’d be presented with a variety of approaches to web scraping, some of these approaches could be any of the following:

  • Use of browser extension web scrapers.
  • Build/write your own web scraper (this would require you to have your own proxies and other infrastructures).
  • Out source to third party web scraping tools such as Crawlbase.

Any of these options could be good or even perfect for your web scraping projects, truth is that would be dependent on what you’re scraping and how many times you’re going to be scraping those sites for whatever data. Now, let’s take a look at the unordered list up above again, the list is arranged from the least powerful web scraping option to the most powerful.

Obviously the use of browser extension web scrapers won’t yield same result as when you use your custom built web scraper with proxy or Crawlbase this is because browser web scraping extensions can’t scrape data from very dynamic and complex web sites or in very big volumes.

That being said we’re now left with making use of your own custom built web scraper with your own proxies or outsourcing your web scraping activities to a well known and trusted web scraper service such as Crawlbase. These last two of our list above are the essence of this blog post. Basically we’ll be partly comparing using and managing worldwide proxies (with your custom built web scraper) to using the service of Crawlbase web scraping tool. At the end of the day you’d see why Crawlbase is better than using proxies while scraping or crawling the web.

Building your own web scraper either with Python or any other language of your choice and running it with your proxies which could be private, residential or whatever fancy name they’d call it, obviously seems cool and maybe cheaper depending on what you call cheap. Not until the website(s) you’re scraping decides to blacklist your proxies, block you or bombard you with lots of restrictions and CAPTCHAs, then you’d be required to continue acquiring more and more proxies to escape the blacklisting of your proxies of course this comes with maintenance of your web scraper and high proxy price to be spent.

Assuming you’d be scraping, let’s say Amazon for a long period of time, how much of your time and your money are you willing to throw into the bottomless pockets of these proxy sellers considering this would be a never ending show, at least in the nearest future? I hope you get the picture. It becomes an unending fight between you and Amazon (or any other website that you are trying to scrape).

The above paragraph brings us to Crawlbase and why it’s your ideal choice for web scraping, as it’ll definitely come to your rescue against the restrictions of these complex dynamic websites you intend scraping data from.

Why Do You Need to Use Proxy?

Using a reliable proxy has become a strategic necessity for uninterrupted and smooth data harvesting and web crawling . If you’re a developer, data scientist, or a CEO steering a large corporation, understanding the significance of proxies is super important for optimizing your data-driven campaigns. Let’s have a look at the reasons why you must invest in a proxy:

  • Enhancing Anonymity and Security: If you use proxy, you will get a shield of anonymity for your web scraping activities. By masking your IP address, you hide your identity, preventing potential restrictions imposed by websites. A good crawler proxy ensures privacy and solidifies your security posture against potential threats.
  • Overcoming IP Restrictions: Websites often impose limitations on the number of requests from a single IP address within a specific time frame. If you use proxy, it will allow you to overcome these restrictions by distributing requests across multiple IP addresses. A dependable crawler proxy lets you extract data without encountering rate limitations or getting blocked.
  • Geo-targeting and Localization: For CEOs and businesses eyeing global markets, proxies offer the ability to scrape data from various geographical locations. This facilitates in-depth market research, localized content analysis, and a better understanding of region-specific trends. Proxies enable you to view the internet from different geographic perspectives, providing valuable insights.
  • Mitigating the Risk of IP Bans: It is very important to use proxy when you are harvesting data extensively because using a single IP address might trigger IP bans from websites. Proxies mitigate this risk by allowing you to rotate IP addresses. A crawler proxy provides uninterrupted data extraction without the fear of being banned, enhancing the reliability of your web scraping processes.

You must consider proxy alternatives like rotating user agents or using browser automation techniques. These alternatives complement proxy usage, further enhancing your data harvesting capabilities. Proxies play an important role in data harvesting, enabling you to efficiently collect information without compromising security or encountering roadblocks.

How is Crawlbase Better than Using Your own Proxies?

There are a few features that you need to consider before you choose or use proxy. Let’s discuss all those important features with respect to Crawlbase:

Huge IP Pool Size

When you use proxy, the quantity of available proxies is a crucial factor, particularly for projects requiring proxies from specific locations. You should know what do we mean by IP pool size. Let’s simplify:

  • A limited proxy pool implies a scarcity of available IP addresses, potentially falling short of your requirements. Moreover, a small IP pool increases the vulnerability to IP blocking.
  • A substantial proxy pool ensures greater specificity and the assurance of site access by city or country. If your project involves accessing sites across various locations, it’s imperative to verify that your chosen proxy provider employs an effective crawler proxy pool management system.

Crawlbase offers an extensive pool of proxies, boasting 140 million residential proxies and 98 million data center proxies. It delivers high-quality proxies, guaranteeing a 99% network uptime and ensuring a stable and uninterrupted proxy service with great security against IP bans and CAPTCHAs. Crawlbase simplifies the process by eliminating the need for users to acquire proxies separately, streamlining the proxy integration for your projects.

Complete Anonymity

In the realm of proxies, the higher the level of anonymity, the better it is for your business. When selecting a proxy provider, it’s crucial to assess the desired level of anonymity. If you prioritize high anonymity, ensure that the provider offers anonymous and elite proxies, ensuring complete concealment of your IP address from all web resources.

Things to Consider for Anonymity:

  • Determine Your Anonymity Needs: Before choosing proxies, assess the level of anonymity your business requires. Different projects may have varying anonymity needs.
  • Opt for High Anonymity: If your business demands a high level of anonymity, choose and use proxy providers offering anonymous and elite proxies. These proxies go the extra mile in concealing your IP address, providing an added layer of security.

Crawlbase offers a range of proxies that go beyond the basics, ensuring that your IP address remains completely hidden from all web resources. Crawlbase goes beyond traditional proxy offerings, providing alternatives that cater to evolving business needs. Explore a variety of crawler proxy options to find the perfect fit for your anonymity requirements.

24/7 Expert Customer Support

When dealing with proxies, technical glitches can be a hurdle. That’s why having a provider with robust customer support becomes invaluable. Choosing a provider willing to assist in challenging times, helping you unravel technical complexities, is a wise move.

Crawlbase understands the importance of uninterrupted proxy services. That’s why we provide real-time support from genuine experts. Whether you prefer live chat or email, assistance is just a message away. Real experts are ready to guide you through any challenges you may encounter.

Crawlbase support isn’t limited to problem-solving it extends to guidance and troubleshooting. The expert support team is here to solve any problem you face during the scraping process, integrating APIs, or seeking assistance with any service-related queries. No query is too small or too complex. Crawlbase’s support covers a spectrum of issues.

Multiple Geolocation Feature

Unfortunately, not all services offer this feature, and that’s why it’s crucial to pay attention to this key parameter. Different countries mean different perspectives on the web. For instance, if you’re curious about “Trending Amazon products in New York” through Google search, using a US proxy gives you the user experience as someone in that country sees it.

Moreover, some resources might restrict access based on your location. In such cases, a proxy becomes your virtual passport, allowing you to access information as if you were in a different location.

Crawlbase takes geolocation seriously. With access to over 30 countries, you have the power to geolocate your requests precisely. If you have a specific country in mind for your data extraction, Crawlbase makes it possible effortlessly.

Crawlbase offers a country parameter that lets you geolocate your requests from a specific country. This means you can tailor each API request to the geolocation you need, ensuring accurate and region-specific data.

Quick Response Time

Response time is a measure of how quickly your target resource reacts when connected through a proxy. If the response time is sluggish, it’s a red flag. Slow response times can drag down the speed and efficiency of your web scraping process.

Crawlbase response time becomes a testament to efficiency. It boasts an impressive response time ranging from 4 to 10 seconds. Why does this matter? Well, it ensures that your web scraping process doesn’t hit speed bumps. Swift responses mean your data extraction stays on track, maintaining optimal performance.

For a web scraping activity, every second counts. When you’re exploring proxy alternatives or honing data harvesting techniques, or simply utilizing proxies for your crawler tasks, response time is a critical factor. Crawlbase recognizes its significance and sets a benchmark with a response time that keeps your web scraping smooth and swift.

Easy Scalability

When it comes to handling bulk data, Crawlbase is there for you. It has a standard default rate limit of 20 requests per second. But what if your production needs demand more? Crawlbase offers a flawless solution to scale up your operations. Need a rate limit increase? No worries – just reach out to us, and let’s discuss how we can align with your requirements.

Your First 1000 Requests on the House

At Crawlbase, we believe in the power of firsthand experience. That’s why we offer your first 1000 requests free, no strings attached. It’s a unique opportunity to explore the capabilities of our services without the need for any upfront payment information. Sign up, explore into the functionalities, and decide for yourself if Crawlbase aligns with your data harvesting goals. It’s a “first judge, then pay” approach designed to empower you with the confidence to make informed decisions. It’s a good time to take advantage.

Ethics and Solid Reputation

Ethics matter when choosing a proxy alternatives. Opting for a provider that doesn’t uphold high ethical standards could pose significant security risks for you. Your safety is paramount, and that’s why a proxy provider should align with ethical codes, ensuring privacy and security for all customers.

At Crawlbase, we take these ethical considerations seriously. Our commitment to privacy adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). This ensures that the principles we follow are in line with global standards for data protection. Not just that, we go a step further – before redirecting request data using an IP address, we make sure to have the device owner’s consent. This is one of the reasons why more than 70,0000 registered users trust us.

All-in-One Solution

If you want to extract precise data with reliability, Crawlbase takes the lead as an all-in-one solution. Our crawler proxy scraper is crafted with a solid infrastructure, using rotating residential and data center proxies to prevent any hassles like IP bans, blockage, and detection.

  • Proxy Powerhouse: We use both rotating residential and data center proxies to ensure your scraping process is smooth and uninterrupted.
  • Crawling API Excellence: Our API is designed for comprehensive crawling – from the whole HTML source code to parsed data. This means you get thorough results, whether it’s for SEO enhancement, market research insights, or extensive data analysis.
  • Bandwidth Boost: With ample bandwidth at your disposal, our system guarantees dependable data for various needs. No matter the scale of your project, Crawlbase ensures accuracy and reliability.
  • Versatile Suitability: It doesn’t matter if you are into SEO strategies, conducting market research, or data analysis, Crawlbase dedication to quality proxies and scalable APIs ensures that the scraped data is accurate and reliable, fitting smoothly into all sorts of projects. You can scrape virtually any kind of website, including JavaScript websites.

Let’s Wrap!

We provide what you need. Going through the above again, you’d see that your custom-built web scraper with proxy can barely offer you anything as good as these, coupled with the stress it comes with. Working with us absolutely gives you the free time to manage and handle the scraped data effectively. Get your web scraping game on!