With the way web scraping is expanding and growing in both application for business and individual uses, it is imperative that we keep you posted on what other business applications you might want to use our web scraping service for.

The essence of having this complete compilation of industry application of web scraping services is so that you see what other opportunities you have to scale up your income, if possible diversify. There are practically gazillions of applications and uses of web scraping that cuts across major categories of business today, some of them include but are not limited to:

  • E-commerce
  • Social Media
  • Sales Leads
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Recruitment
  • Blogging

Let’s analyze each one.


There are various application of web scraping in e-commerce today, dropshipping is getting more and more traction and popularity, asides dropshipping, individuals running e-commerce shops of their own can utilize web scraping to get the best out of their stores.

How does web scraping really benefit an e-commerce shop or a dropshipper?

With the use of a good web scraper, you can scrape Amazon for product listings and also product reviews. Other huge e-commerce websites like Ebay can also be scraped for similar product details, with the data scrapped you can decide what product is selling fast, what price are they being sold, buyer reviews/opinions and couple of other details that could improve your business strategy and result in more sales.

Social Media

Everybody is on social media today. It’s either they’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or LinkedIn, even businesses are not left behind as they all have pages on these platforms, what does this spell for your business?

Social Media Scraping

You can scrape a whole lot of customer data and information from any of these social media platforms easily with our service that is capable of scraping customer information such as phone number, email, interests and a handful of other interest based beneficial data, Scraping Facebook, Twitter scraping, Reddit or LinkedIn scraping has never been easy as it is with our top notch web scraping service. With these data you can pitch a sale, send cold emails, or run an advert to retarget these audience you’ve gathered from scraping these social media platforms.

Sales Leads

Similar to social media, by extracting sales leads you’re only scraping customer specific details such as Names, Phone Numbers, Email, Address.

Most of the time these sales leads convert very well since they’re so targeted with a specific interest. These sales leads can be scraped from variety of buying and selling groups on Facebook and other platforms.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a very important aspect of the web that no website, blog, e-commerce shop owner can ever overlook, why? Because you can get unlimited amount of visitors and potential (buying) customers here. With web a scraping service that is capable of scraping Bing, Google or any other search engine you can get details of what your would-be customers are searching for and also what competitor of yours are already ranking for the same product as yours, with these data at your disposal you have all that you need to increase your sales that come from search.


You can set up a job aggregation and compilation website, then match job seekers with available open positions.

This is a thriving niche today, more job seekers are searching for jobs also recruiters are also searching for qualified candidates, where do you and web scraping come in? You scrape a list of job offering websites that feature open job positions, then you do same for sites that feature job seekers searching for job, with these data you can easily match qualified candidates with desired job positions they qualify for.

You can do this for a fee either from the recruiters, from the candidates or both, other way to monetize such a site is by displaying open job position ads.


Auto-blogging is same as blogging, this time it is blogging on autopilot, with a web scraping tool you can scrape other blogs and websites for content that would be of immense value to your audience.

While this is discouraged because it is considered plagiarism and content stealing, it is still a viable way of making a few bucks from web scraping. You can edit and rewrite the scraped content to make it unique and standout. Of course such a site can be monetized by display ads and affiliate links and ads.

The above explained applications and uses of web scraping could be of immense importance to you if you intend to diversify and increase your monthly income, doing it the way others are doing it might not earn you a thing but the moment you add your own twist, you stand a chance of standing out and making it unique.