LinkedIn is one of the largest professional social networks with massive value for having millions of companies who built pages and individuals to create profile pages. LinkedIn is quite similar to any other social media sites like Facebook; however, its main focus is on professional networking and career development.

People can create professional profiles to showcase their professional backgrounds and resumes. Connect with individuals you know, have worked with, leave each other recommendations, and find new connections. Also, this platform allows companies to post articles and comments, search for talents, and connect to others using the site to grow their professional networks. Members who created their accounts may edit their profile visibility to the general public and limit information to show on their profile. Prevent notification to others if there are any changes in a career or personal information.

Also, LinkedIn is a reliable source to look and apply for a job, enhance professional reputation by posting social feeds, comments on articles, and many more. If you manage your profile correctly, LinkedIn becomes a one of a kind online resume. LinkedIn is a great source to grow and market businesses, for example, finding leads and clients, marketing strategies to promote services and products. Most companies are seeing better engagement and ROI on LinkedIn than any other platform.

Why do you need LinkedIn profiles for your business

  • Businesses can use LinkedIn to find and learn about the prospect’s information, company profile, and all information about the company. (Lead Generation)
  • Data on LinkedIn can help both sales and marketing. Focus the marketing game plan around prospects that have the highest possibility to convert into a deal.
  • Offshore Staffing and management consulting companies use this platform to gather data/information about possible candidates to market to their clients.
  • Businesses are using LinkedIn for Marketing Strategy. Companies use this platform to show their contents and update other networks on their latest news and trends.
  • Professional connections will help you grow a web and even get clients. There are a lot of groups on LinkedIn where you can join and connect with each other. Mostly these groups will help you get referrals from clients and ideas to achieve your goals.
  • Business can increase their exposure with a LinkedIn Company Page for Product(s), Service(s) and Attract Quality Employees
  • Business can boost their integrity and gain new customers or partnerships

What kind of data can you obtain from LinkedIn user profiles

LinkedIn profiles (Company or Personal) are fully visible to all LinkedIn members who signed in to the platform, and as long as the account is public, people can do searches as well. There is so many information we can get on LinkedIn, contact and personal information on the user’s profile, a summary about the user, work history, email address, connections and their data that could be used to contact, such as a webpage, blog URL, Twitter handle or other social media info.

What kind of data can you obtain from LinkedIn company profiles

LinkedIn Company Profile is an opportunity to level the playing field. Company Pages aren’t just for branding, but rather a hub where professionals can interact with each other and brand. Information such as will show on the LinkedIn company Profiles

  • Company Overview like the “About Us” section of the website. This is where the company tells the audience what they’re all doing.
  • Industry, Headquarters, Company Size
  • Website URL, use keywords and Linking Opportunities
  • Company Photos, Documents, and Videos
  • Job Openings
  • Company Employee and their position
  • Company Ads

Yes. Crawling LinkedIn public pages is legal. LinkedIn Public pages are made public on the internet; access to them is open and available for everyone. Proxy Crawl’s primary purpose is to make public data reachable to everyone anywhere in the world.

Access to public data is a right and shouldn’t be denied to anyone; moreover, LinkedIn users explicitly make their profiles public for anyone to see. Crawlbase (formerly ProxyCrawl) helps you access any of these open data available on the internet.

How to avoid LinkedIn authentication page

At present, LinkedIn is one of the most secure platforms and can track or notice all the activities you are performing daily. A sudden increase in using LinkedIn gets your profile block. When searching and connecting on networks, AUTH walls will show when you’ve reached your limit. With the high demand of needs to get more data from this social platform, most of the companies are looking for cloud-based web crawling tools to help them gather data on LinkedIn.

Crawl LinkedIn profiles

Can I obtain professional data from other professional platforms?

Aside from LinkedIn, there are other networking alternatives to obtain professional data. Here are some of the professional networking platforms similar to LinkedIn:


Hamburg-based career-oriented social networking site, operated by New Work SE. The primary audience is from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. This site is similar to LinkedIn.


This site offers Networking, Recruiting & Job Opportunities using AI Technology. Professional matchmaking site that connects people based upon their needs.


With 65 Million Members and most popular in France & globally. This social networking site is for professional members like business owners, entrepreneurs, and managers.


The LinkedIn alternative that features profile and resumes creation and job searching.


Technology and AI company that gives information about the job marketplace and social websites. This platform has access to a wealth of data about open positions and companies that are currently hiring for different roles globally.

LinkedIn at Crawlbase (formerly ProxyCrawl)

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