Data plays a huge role in all aspects of life across the globe, so it is not surprising that web scraping and crawling methods are becoming increasingly popular as a way to gather data from the Internet and gain valuable insights for both business and personal use. Scraping is an automated process of extracting data from a website on a large scale.

Using scraping tools and software saves you time and effort from copying and pasting data manually, which you would otherwise have to do manually. There are many web scraping tools that data engineers use for their data scraping needs, including ParseHub, Crawlbase, Google Maps Data Scraper Pro Plus, Oxylab, Smartproxy, Improvado, Octoparse, Apify, etc.

We will explore some of the best web scraping tools and software available for free and for a small fee. This article will examine ParseHub’s pricing and features compared with its alternatives.


Software developers, data scientists, data journalists, business analysts, entrepreneurs, price analysts, consultants, and marketers benefit from ParseHub’s data extraction capabilities. The platform’s main features are automatic IP rotation, text and HTML extraction, schedule scraping, and attribute extraction. You can extract AJAX and JavaScript pages using this application, designed for users who need to. Team members can access data using CSV files, Microsoft Excel files, Google Sheets, and Tableau files using a unified user interface.

ParseHub features include turning any dynamic, poorly structured website into an API without writing code. The tool gives developers full control over selecting, structuring, and modifying elements. This eliminates the need for developers to hunt through the web inspector in their browsers. Using ParseHub, users can easily gather data and spend more time creating beautiful visualizations and analyzing useful insights.

A Brief Overview of ParseHub Alternatives

Following the previous section of this article, we will give you a brief overview of ParseHub pricing and features compared to ParseHub alternatives available to you.

ParseHub Alternatives

CompanyPricingFree TrialsData Output Format
ParseHubStarts from $189/month14-Day Free Trial AvailableCSV, JSON
CrawlbaseStarts from $29/monthFree Trial AvailableCSV, JSON, Excel
OctoparseStarts from $89/monthFree Trial AvailableXLS, JSON, CSV, and HTML
Bright DataStarts from $500/month7-Day Free Trial AvailableJSON, NDJSON, CSV, and XLSX
Google Maps Data Scraper Pro PlusStarts from $99.95/monthFree Trial AvailableCSV, Excel
OxylabsStarts from $300/month1-Week Free Trial AvailableCSV, JSON,TXT
ScrapeStormStarts from $49/monthFree Trial AvailableExcel, CSV, TXT and HTML
SmartproxyStarts from $299/monthFree Trial AvailableCSV, JSON
Web HarvyStarts from $139/MonthFree Trial Not AvailableTXT, CSV, Excel, JSON, XML, TSV
Helium ScraperStarts from $99 - One-time purchase10-Day Free Trial AvailableCSV, Excel, XML, JSON or SQLite
ApifyStarts from $49/month30-Day Free Trial AvailableHTML, JSON, CSV, Excel, XML and RSS
  1. Crawlbase

The Crawlbase helps you stay anonymous when crawling the web, protecting you the way it should be, the way it should be, when crawling the web. No more worrying about worldwide proxies for your data mining or SEO projects. Use Amazon, Yandex, Facebook, Yahoo, or other sources to scrape.

The software supports all websites. There is no charge for the first 1000 requests. Compared to the ParseHub crawler, the Leads API provides company emails for businesses that need them. Get trustworthy emails for your targeting campaigns by calling the Leads API.

This is the best no-code solution available. Search for leads by typing the domain. As well as exporting leads to JSON and CSV code, you can also download them. You don’t have to worry about emails that don’t work. Check out trusted sources for the latest and most validated company emails. The lead data includes contact information, including work position, email, and name.

  1. Google Maps Data Scraper Pro Plus

Using a scraper, Google Maps Data Scraper Pro Plus collects information from each organization’s website, including email addresses, Facebook photos, Twitter comments, YouTube videos, Yelp reviews, TripAdvisor reviews, and other social media addresses (if listed).

Information such as contact details, addresses, hours, descriptions of organizations, websites, and extract other information from the Internet. Additionally, this app scrapes text from reviews and reviews from the website. You will receive a .jpg file containing all the photos you have taken on your hard drive.

The dropdown menu can specify GEO locations as cities, regions, or countries. Scrolling down through the list of organizations will show them in one window. Another window extracts information about organizations simultaneously with this one. It mimics a user’s activities in general. As if they were searching for information on a map, it mimics their behavior by mimicking their behavior.

Compared to the ParseHub pricing and features, Google Maps data scraper is relatively simple and exceptionally flexible. You can extract organizational data quickly and easily in a few clicks. Imagine you are trying to extract data about organizations from Google Maps efficiently.

This is typically possible through several settings. As well as generating leads, you can also use this application for other purposes. You can filter the organizations by their rating if you wish. Besides, you can filter the organizations by their reviews. Filtering the reviews’ length is possible if we talk about them directly.

  1. Oxylabs

By leveraging the power of big data, Oxylabs provides proxy and web scraping solutions to companies of all sizes. Over the years, Oxylabs has built its reputation as a global leader in the data acquisition industry and gained the trust of more than 1000 clients worldwide, including dozens of Fortune Global 500 companies, academics, and researchers.

102M+ IPs in 195 countries make Oxylabs’ proxy pool one of the largest in the market. Data-gathering infrastructures powered by its Scraper APIs have a high success rate, enabling customers to maintain robust data-gathering capabilities. Oxylabs helps clients conduct market research, verify ads, protect brand identities, add travel fares, track SEO, and determine the price.

  1. Smartproxy

From its beginnings in 2018, Smartproxy has been a promising proxy provider. Unlike ParseHub web scraper, with a no-code scraper and full-stack scraping APIs, they offer various proxies (residential, shared, and private data center proxies).

Flexible payment methods, an easy-to-use dashboard, and a public API make it easy to use, including a few notable things compared to ParseHub pricing and features. By making public data gathering as simple and accessible as possible, Smartproxy is best for its consumer-centric approach.

  1. Octoparse

Data scraping without coding is quick and easy. You can convert web pages into structured spreadsheets with only a few clicks. Simple graphical user interface - Anyone with basic computer skills can scrape. There is no need to code. Scrape data from dynamic websites.

Scrolling, dropdown menus, logging in authentication, and AJAX. You can scrape an unlimited number of pages. Get free access to unlimited web pages by crawling and scraping them. Faster scraping speed by executing multiple extractions simultaneously.

You can schedule an extraction of data from the Cloud at any time and at any frequency. By scraping anonymously, there is less tracing and blocking chance. For your data scraping needs, we provide professional services. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

To meet your data processing and web crawling needs, our data team will meet with you. Hire web scraping experts and save time and money. The first release of Octoparse was on March 15th, 2016, and it has been live for over 600 days.

  1. ScrapeStorm

Automatic identification of data without manual intervention. A visual web scraping tool powered by artificial intelligence, ScrapeStorm. Based on artificial intelligence algorithms, it automatically identifies List Data, Tabular Data, and Pagination Buttons.

Automatically identify lists, forms, links, images, prices, phone numbers, emails, etc. Click on the page according to the software prompts, just like you would manually browse a website. Using this tool, you can scrape any webpage quickly, generating complex scraping rules in seconds.

Text input, clicks, mouse movements, dropdown boxes, scrolling pages, waiting for loading, loops, and evaluating conditions. Using the scraped data, you can export it to a local file or a cloud storage service. It supports several file types, including Excel, CSV, TXT, HTML, MySQL, MongoDB, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and WordPress. That’s why it gives users good reasons to use it when compared to ParseHub pricing and features.

  1. Apify

The Apify platform allows you to scrape the web and automate processes. With it, you can create APIs for any website. Developers can set up data extraction or web automation workflow themselves.

You can purchase a turnkey solution if you aren’t a developer. Take advantage of our ready-to-use scraping tools immediately, or work with us to solve your unique data extraction needs. You can rely on our fast, accurate results.

Flexible automation software allows you to scale processes, automate tedious tasks, and speed up workflows. By automating, you can work faster, smarter, and more efficiently than your competitors. You can export scraped data in machine-readable formats like CSV or JSON.

Apify integrates seamlessly with your Zapier or Make workflows using APIs and webhooks. Apify bots are indistinguishable from humans thanks to the smart rotation of data center and residential proxies.

  1. BrightData

Bright Data is one of the top ParseHub alternatives that allows businesses to collect structured and unstructured data from millions of websites using our proprietary technology. With the help of its proxy networks, you will have access to sophisticated target sites in a geo-targeted manner that is highly accurate.

As well as unblocking tough target sites, accomplishing SERP-specific data collection tasks and managing and optimizing your proxy performance, you can automate your data collection tasks with our tools.

  1. WebHarvy

WebHarvy scrapes text, HTML, images, URLs, and email easily from websites and saves them in various formats. Compared to ParseHub pricing and features, you can scrape data in minutes with this incredibly easy-to-use tool. Provides support for all types of websites.

Provides login and form submission functionality. Multi-page, category, and keyword scraping. The program includes a scheduler, proxy/VPN support, smart help, and many other features. The WebHarvy interface makes scraping the web a snap. You don’t have to write any code or scripts to scrape data.

The inbuilt WebHarvy browser will allow you to load websites and scrape the data with just a few clicks. It’s that simple. In web pages, WebHarvy automatically detects patterns of data.

It doesn’t need any additional configuration to scrape a list of items (name, address, email, price, etc.) from a web page. WebHarvy scrapes repeating data automatically.

  1. Helium Scraper

A website that aggregates information from multiple websites. Information-displaying websites query databases and display the results in a user-friendly way. Web scrapers reverse this process by converting unstructured sites into organized databases.

You can easily scrape the data to a database or spreadsheet file, such as an Excel or CSV file. For academic and scientific research, discover trends and statistical information. From real estate websites, create contact information databases.

Discover trends and patterns by analyzing forums and social media sites. An easy-to-use interface allows you to select and add actions from a predefined list.

Competitors to ParseHub

Explore the world of web scraping beyond ParseHub with our feature-based comparison table of top competitors. Discover the best tool for your needs and take your data extraction to the next level.

Alternatives to ParseHub

CompanyBest Features
ParseHubIt is a powerful web scraping tool. This advanced web scraper makes extracting data as easy as clicking on the data you need
CrawlbaseAll-in-One data crawling and scraping platform for business developers
OctoparseUnique built-in task templates and free unlimited crawls, Regex tools, Xpath to help resolve missing data problems
Bright DataBusinesses that need to gather large-scale data
ScrapeStormIt provides two different scraping modes Smart Mode (enter the URL to extract data automatically) and Flowchart Mode (a simple click for automatic data extraction)
Web HarvyIt is an easy-to-use visual web scraping software that can scrape text, images, links, email addresses, and HTML content from web pages
Helium ScraperWeb Page Extractor can be set up to extract from the web virtually anything you can point your mouse at
ApifyApify is a web scraping and automation platform that turns websites into an API. It allows us to process and transform data during an extraction
Google Maps Data Scraper Pro PlusScraping all the information about places (name, address, coordinates, site, phone, working hours, etc.) from the Google Maps site
OxylabsAn advanced real estate website scraper that lets you extract data without getting blocked
SmartproxyProvides users access to 40M+ unique IP addresses every month in 195+ locations, states, and cities worldwide


Hopefully, this article will help you if you’re looking for a ParseHub competitor. ParseHub pricing and features make it one of the top options for data extraction software. Investigating other competitors and alternatives is a good idea. Crawlbase is the best alternative to ParseHub that exists currently.

Researching alternatives to ParseHub should focus on alternatives that are both reliable and easy to use. Our reviewers compiled a list of some of the best alternatives to ParseHub by analyzing their reviews and voting on which products they deemed best.