Running a business is not only about selling, but also about knowing about what to sell how to market, what is your audience, your target, etc. That is why big data is so important nowadays.

But collecting huge amounts of data is not always easy, and many times comes with a risk, that is why tools like Crawlbase (formerly ProxyCrawl) come in hand. But let’s first see 5 uses of big data and how they can help your business.

Amazon scraping

Getting data from Amazon can help you in many ways. For most of the e-commerce businesses it means knowing about their competitors. Knowing Amazon offers and prices in real time and also being able to receive and scrape Amazon reviews to do product research and improve how products can achieve better when they go on retail. Crawling and scraping Amazon is extremely important nowadays if you want to grow on big data.

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Facebook crawler

Let’s face it, you are freaking worried about your privacy, but if you are on Facebook, many things are exposed to the internet, and that is why collecting Facebook profiles from the internet can be achieved with tools like Crawlbase (formerly ProxyCrawl). Why would a company need data? For many things like risk assessment, for example banks before giving loans, they can scrape Facebook profiles and see what they can learn from you. Also companies before hiring new employees, they can anonymously crawl Facebook in order to learn about their new future colleagues.

Instagram crawling

Same as Facebook, thanks to crawling Instagram and the big data, you can create a user profile of someone. Scraping Instagram data is one of the most requested big-data trends nowadays as you can easily learn about a brand or an influencer by crawling and scraping millions of Instagram pictures and profiles.

Ebay scraping

Again, this is crucial for e-commerce market research. Know about your competitors so you can beat them. Ebay is a huge marketplace and crawling and scraping the prices, reviews, descriptions and other data has been a must do if you want to stay afloat in the competitive e-commerce business world.

Google scraper

Do you want to bring traffic to your website? Then you must work on your SEO, but not only that, you must scrape Google to know in which position are you compared to your competitors. Crawling Google allows you to get different kind of data which can help you stay afloat. With big data analysis you can outperform in your market and learn what products should you create and to whom you have to target.

These are just 5 scraping examples which can take your business to the next level, but it doesn’t end here. With Crawlbase (formerly ProxyCrawl) you can crawl and scrape millions of different website and always get back the data in real time for your data building projects. You should give it a try as the first 1,000 are free of charge.