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Crawl massive data while we handle data pipelines, proxies, queues, and JavaScript browsers for you.

Regardless of how difficult data crawling is, our web crawler makes sure it never comes short. Contact us if you need more information.

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Asynchronous crawling API

Crawlbase Crawler uses the Crawling API as its foundation to avoid the most common issues of web scraping, such as IP blocks, bot detection, and CAPTCHAs. All the API’s features are retained to allow on-demand customization and meet your data collection needs.

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More successful responses

Stop worrying about failed responses and start focusing on business growth through data. Crawlbase Crawler uses an intelligent push/pull system that will let you close to a 100% success rate for even the most difficult websites to crawl.

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Lesser retries from client-side

You won’t need to bother with call retries and managing queues anymore. Just keep pushing your requests, and our system will logically manage everything in the background allowing your web crawler to achieve maximum efficiency.

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Data to your server

Use your webhook endpoint to receive the scraped data from your crawler. Our system will even monitor your webhook URL to ensure that you will always get accurate data as consistently as possible.

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Crawl and Scrape.

Crawl and scrape big data for your business needs


Easily add crawled data to your products without managing proxies, infrastructure, queues, CAPTCHAs, blocks, retries, etc.


Push as many website URLs as required and receive the crawled data to your desired webhook endpoint.


We handle all queues and schedulers for you. Just call the asynchronous API and start getting scraped data.


We literally support millions of different websites.

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We support millions of other websites

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Crawl using real web browsers

Built on top of the Crawling API

Switch your traffic to use our PUSH/PULL system now so you can maximize your crawling capacity without losing any functionality.

  • Works asynchronously on top of the Crawling API
  • More successful responses
  • Lesser retries from client-side
  • Granular monitoring with custom crawlers
  • Big companies doing massive crawling
  • Webhook data delivery to your server
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Crawl and Scrape.

Migrate to Crawlbase Crawler in few simple steps

Create Crawler

Create Crawler

Log in to your Crawlbase account, go to your Crawler dashboard, and create a custom Crawler name.

Push page urls to crawler

Push Page URLs to the Crawler

Start pushing URLs to the Crawler by adding two extra parameters to the Crawling API call (&callback=true&crawler=YourCrawlerName).

Pull data from storage or webhook

Pull data from Storage or Webhook

Configure Crawlbase Storage or create your own webhook endpoint to start receiving the crawled data back to your server.

Swril arrow blackCrawlbase on-demand scraping

On-demand scraping data delivery

You are in total control as the Crawlbase Crawler will deliver the data straight to your webhook endpoint.

Pause and resume your crawling operation based on your business budget and needs.

We only provide fresh and valid data, guaranteed!

All the data is fresh from the internet and live, nothing is cached or stored from before.

Crawlbase provides fresh and valid data
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Granular monitoring with custom crawlers

Track and monitor your crawling activity in real-time through the live monitoring page from your account’s dashboard. You can also utilize the Crawler APIs to quickly check stats and manage your crawls efficiently.

Pause and resume your crawling operation based on your business budget and needs.

Crawler in a Nutshell

How it Works

Create new Crawler
Step 1

Create your Crawler and configure the callback

Add parameters
Step 2

Add 2 extra parameters with the Crawling API call, &callback=true&crawler=YourCrawlerName

Get OutputRetrieve Crawler data
Step 3

Retrieve the data via the Crawlbase Cloud Storage or your Webhook

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Monthly pricing calculator

How many pages do you plan to crawl each month?

Estimated Regular page requests
Estimated JavaScript page requests
  • Regular Pages
  • JavaScript Pages
Successful RequestsPrice per requestTotal price
0 - 1,0000.3¢$0.00
Next 10,0000.2¢
Next 100,0000.06¢
Next 1,000,0000.05¢
Next 10,000,0000.01¢
Next 100,000,0000.005¢
Next 1,000,000,0000.004¢
After 1,000,000,0000.002¢
Total monthly price
Regular pages$0.00
JavaScript pages$0.00

Your total payment will be$0.00

You only pay for successful requests

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Crawl and Scrape.

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Global user protection compliance

As long-time data freedom advocates, Crawlbase is fully committed to implementing consumer protection standards globally. Our existing actions reflect this commitment through fairness and transparency when collecting user data, that users have control over their account and personal information.

As required by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union (EU) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), we have outlined those practices for all users involved in the Privacy policy section.

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