It is becoming increasingly difficult for investment firms to develop sophisticated algorithms for trading stocks. They need access to a large volume of data from financial websites to get stock price in excel, regardless of whether they perform stock price predictions, stock market sentiment analyses, or equity research.

It is often the case that they have the capital to hire a large number of developers to extract web data from websites such as Yahoo Finance. For businesses and independent researchers who wish to predict the stock market, there is an affordable procedure for quickly obtaining the data at scale.

In this article, we will show you how to quickly scrape Yahoo finance and monitor stock prices from Yahoo Finance with web scraping.

Why should We Scrape Stock Prices?

To get stock price information, the purpose of scraping stock prices must be understood before beginning the scraping process. You can train your algorithm with your machine learning code by constantly extracting stock prices and continuously feeding the data into your research and data models. Your algorithm will later provide you with more accurate and profitable investment advice.

There is an increasing need for companies to get stock price data since the market is in the spotlight of attention. Everyone must have access to data when trading securities, mutual funds, futures, cryptocurrencies, etc. The data sources that people will scrape are financial statements, press releases, and other business-related information. To keep track of stock prices, trading organizations use data from online trading portals.

Market data helps companies predict market trends and buy and sell stocks to maximize profits, just as it does for trades in futures, currencies, and other financial products. Cross-comparison is easier with complete data, and a larger picture becomes apparent. Equity research aims to predict the performance of multiple stocks by portfolio managers. It is possible to develop an algorithmic trading model using scraped stock data to identify the pattern of their changes. Quantitative data analysis will take much time and effort before it reaches this point.

What type of data can you scrape from Yahoo Finance?

Yahoo Finance

There is a large amount of open-source and public information available on the Yahoo Finance website. The scraping of this information can be of great value to businesses. This data can be used to improve business strategies by analyzing it. Generally, this information consists of the following components.

  • Updates on the stock market
  • The current Stock prices of companies
  • An increase or decrease in the stock price of a company.
  • Exchange-traded funds and mutual funds
  • The value of currencies and even cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.

Process of Data Collection

You can create your Python Yahoo Finance scraper tool using Python or other programming languages using libraries such as Selenium, Beautiful Soup, and Scrapy to extract information from websites. In this case, it will be necessary to manage a proxy server, headless browsers, and several other factors to crawl and scrape the data effectively; therefore, it is essential to have good technical skills and resources to carry out this task effectively.

The other and best method of extracting data from Yahoo Finance and other financial websites is to use an online scraping tool such as Crawlbase’s Crawling API. The first step in scraping Yahoo Finance is to define the URL(s) from which the scraper will obtain data. The URL displays the HTML or XML page containing the scraper’s data, which returns the requested information.

Once the information has been collected, the scraper may examine the data shown in the target URL. Afterward, it will identify the necessary data for extraction and run the execution code. Once the data has been scraped, it is translated and saved in the desired format.

Sign up for a Crawlbase account and select the Crawling API option under the dashboard. You’ll find the API token with the first 1000 free requests. Normally, you’ll use a normal token. Then for JavaScript (real browsers), you’ll use a different token because, In some cases, a normal token won’t work, either because the site only works with JavaScript browsers or because JavaScript on the client side renders the content you need. The API response status will be provided in HTML/JSON as defined during the API call.


The ability to scrape Yahoo finance to get stock price data has given a competitive advantage in the business world. Once you have gained a basic understanding of scraping Yahoo Finance, try extracting data from multiple sources and compiling them into useful information. Taking inferences from this information and applying them in different ways will enable you to maximize the utility of the extracted data. We hope this article entices you to dive into financial web scraping.