The importance of data for business growth is undeniable, and as the need for data has increased, numerous web scraping services have surfaced. In general, you have few choices when building your application and need scraped data. Either to build your own web scraper, you will have to deal with proxies, parsers, keep maintaining and updating them, and many other issues that could pop up with each different website you are trying to scrape. Another choice is to find a reliable service than can get the job done, at the best time and at a reasonable price.

The Scraper API of Proxy Crawl is a game-changer when it comes to web scraping. It is an easy to use API focused on data scraping and web data parsing in an automated way.

The API is focused on developers needs, you can have your application connected to the Scraper API in less than 5 minutes. Whether you prefer Curl, Ruby, Node, PHP, Python, Go or any other language, the Scraper API can be easily implemented in your application. All of this comes with literally a 24/7 support team ready to assist you whenever needed.

One of the main challenges faced by any robots crawling and scraping websites is the robot detection tools implemented by websites such as detecting the time and the number of requests done from one single IP, CAPTCHAs, passworded access to data, and honeypot traps. The Scraper API is designed to solve this problem.

The API is powered by one of the largest networks of proxies enabling you to safely get hands on scraped data without getting detected and banned, in addition to very smart and efficient machine learning algorithms enabling you not only to bypass those obstacles but also to deal with dynamic websites which requires javascript enabled browsers. Websites like Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and many others are within the grip of the Scraper API.

The Scraper API offers 1000 free requests, which will give you a chance to test the quality of the service before you commit to subscribe. You will receive a private token, in which all Scraper API requests must be authorized with. The Crawlbase (formerly ProxyCrawl) Scraper API will go through the URL you want and will handle the whole process automatically. An example of the token usage with Ruby language:

require 'net/http'

uri = URI('')
uri.query = URI.encode_www_form({
url: ''})

res = Net::HTTP.get_response(uri)

puts "Response HTTP Status Code: #{res.code}"
puts "Scraped Data in JSON: #{res.body}"

You will have access to a dashboard page where you can easily monitor how your requests are performing day by day, and the status of your current subscription, showing your total, remaining, and used credits.

You can select the geolocation of your requests from any country you desire, you can simply use the &country= parameter, like &country=US (two-character country code). Rending javascript in real chromes browsers is available, all you have to do is to use the &javascript=true parameter.

The response you will get to your requests of the Scraper API is a JSON response. This object contains the scraped data and other detailed information about the status of your request with all the detailed information, mainly the scraped data of the page you requested and information about the status of your request and number of remaining requests in your subscription plan.

The Scraper API uses a generic AI scraper for websites that have no classified scraper, in case those are not enough for your use case, you can use the Crawling API instead to easily scrape the web, where you can start working in minutes thanks to the easy to use API, and simple integration with your favorite language and framework.

Pricing is very simple and without any hidden fees with no long term contracts, where you can cancel your subscription at any time. Scraper API is a subscription based API. The Starter package is only for $29/month, the Advanced package is $79/month and the Professional package is $149/ month. You can choose your package based on the size and the needs of your project. For more details about each package, check the Scraper API pricing section.

In short summary, the Scraper API is a reliable tool for web scraping. The classified scraping engines for various e-commerce websites and the generic data parsers will help your application be ready to work with scraped data out of the box.