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scraper API FAQs

What is the difference between Crawling API and Scraper API?
Scraper API

The Crawling API is a generic API that can be used to crawl any website and get the raw source page. It also gives the option to use our classified scrapers. The Scraper API is an API that focuses on auto scraping and parsing HTML pages into structured data. One of their differences as well, the Crawling API is tiered pricing and payments are made at the end of every month based on the request consumption while the Scraper API is subscription-based.

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How can I cancel my subscription?
Scraper API

Visit the subscription plan page and cancel your subscription plan there.

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How can I request a specific Scraper API scraper?
Scraper API

If the Scraper API is not giving you the data you need, please let us know more details on the pages you are crawling and we will build a classifier for it.

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