What is Web Scraping?

Web scraping is a helpful technique for finding and using data by gathering information from any online source.

It alludes to utilizing or making Computer programming to gather all of this information. By an overall definition, web scraping is a quicker and more advantageous strategy for extracting information from a site or specific website page.

Be what might be the ideal alternative to take all the benefits of web scraping? Obviously, web scraping APIs — devices that complete the challenging work and bring you closer to web data. After the information is gathered, it is normally changed into a more convenient format, like an Excel spreadsheet.

What Is An API?

The API represents the Application Programming Interface. It alludes to a progression of methods and communication protocols that enable clients to get information stored in a program, working framework, or different facilities. The primary motivation to utilize an API is to make it simpler to develop new projects that use similar data.

For example, a news aggregator may construct an API that would empower different developers to access their data index and do anything they desired with it. For example, make a news application, blog, or research study.

Advantages of using Web Scraping API

  • Automation

As it is a more complex and adaptable strategy, a web scraper will save lots of your time by gathering information at a vaster volume than an individual could dream about accomplishing.

  • Powerful insights

The business decision-making process enables a huge effect on an organization’s future in the market. Creating groundbreaking ideas requires extra measures, like realities and proof about competition, client reviews, and the market scene. Web scraping is basically a priceless decision-making tool for gathering the requested information to help the management make savvy and remarkable decisions.

  • Unique and rich datasets

The volume of data one can get from the Internet is huge, like text, pictures, videos, and mathematical data of any sort. Utilizing a web scraper framework, you can make custom datasets for analysis, contingent upon your objective.

Web scraping api

Must-have Data Extraction Features

As the fame of this virtuoso information and data extraction grows, a few organizations are also trying their best to prevent scrapers from getting their information with no fuss.

In this manner, finding the best web scraper appropriate for your requirements can be a fragile task. You should know which benefits the chosen software ought to have, and to do that; you should know about the common issue a web scraper generally experiences:

The accompanying list intends to assist you with painting a solid and reliable outline of the most enchanting traits a Web-Scraper-Prince ought to need to prevent being seen and blocked.

Web scraping apis

1. A Strong Proxy Pool

Proxy pool rotation datacenter

Since a scraper can visit a site a hundred times each day, it might trigger scraper recognizable software to hail improper browsing behavior, bringing about an IP ban. In this manner, it would be generally useful to utilize a proxy server to keep your scraper anonymous by keeping the first IP address hidden. When you utilize a proxy server, the request is separated through the proxy server first (changing your IP address) and solely after it arrives at the site.

A solid proxy pool is a fundamental component that figures out how to prevent getting banned rapidly by brilliantly rotating the IPs utilized for the request. Picking the right sort of proxy is just the tip of the iceberg. Even though the probability of being distinguished is nearly low by utilizing a proxy, the threat actually exists. In this manner, the quality of a proxy pool can be controlled by how frequently you get caught.

  • Residential IP Proxy: A private IP proxy is the best fit for the individuals who need to ensure they never get blocked. This proxy type comes just with an authentic IP address that will make it seem like a genuine individual is browsing the site, keeping bot identifiers calm and unaware.
  • Mobile IPs: As proxies function as a “tunnel” between web scrapers and sites, the mobile proxy secures the web scraping bot’s IP address and area, making it look like an anonymous person. Also, proxies guard the scraper by making it seem like the requests are coming from a mobile device.
  • Datacenter IPs: Datacenter IPs are the generally suggested solutions for most cases. What makes it a decent choice is that it gives the best outcomes at the most minimal expense. These IPs offer practically identical results to residential proxies or mobile IPs yet without legal concerns.

2. Geolocation Options

Throughout the globe, geotargeting permits you to get to the geo-limited content. If you wish to accumulate data from a site that only awards content focused on the UK public, a proxy server will cover that. You can likewise pick any area of your preference whenever offered by your selected proxy service.

3. Rotating Proxies

Quite possibly, the best approach to shield your scraper from getting impeded is to utilize rotating proxies. This methodology offers you an important assortment of IPs from scrape. Performing in this way will prevent sending an excessive number of requests utilizing a similar IP address.

4. JavaScript Rendering

When compared with plain HTML pages, the JavaScript delivering measure is somewhat more complex. If we somehow managed to utilize a standard requests bundle to a site worked with the JavaScript system, the appropriate responses that are returned will be vacant. That is because unique information is obtained solely after the rendering process.

Thus, to not be restricted by the kind of information you need to gather, the chosen web scraper ought to be acquainted with JavaScript rendering.

5. Anti-fingerprinting Measures

A fingerprint is all the information a site can accumulate about your internet browser and Computer. There is more data than you may envision. And regardless of whether you address your browser fingerprint, sites might still manage to figure out how to recognize you as a similar client.

To assist with bypassing bot recognition, you should have an individual fingerprint discoverable by the site for each visitor you are attempting to make.

There are numerous choices available in the market, making it truly challenging for you to determine which ones best address your needs. So, here is the list of the best and most vital seven webs scraping APIs for you to find.

  1. Crawlbase (formerly ProxyCrawl) Scraper API
  2. WebScraping API
  3. ScrapingBee
  4. ZenScrape
  5. ScrapingBot
  6. Scrapingdog
  7. Scraping Ant

1. Crawlbase (formerly ProxyCrawl) Scraper API

Crawlbase (formerly ProxyCrawl) Scraper API is a tool for developers building web scrapers — as they say, “the tool that scrapes any page with a simple API call.” The web service handles proxies, browsers, and CAPTCHAs with the objective that developers can get the raw HTML from any website.

Also, the item figures out to find a unique balance between its functionalities, dependability, and usability.

Crawlbase (formerly ProxyCrawl) scraper api

Key Features:

  • Best AI fixes the scrapers, so your business won’t ever stop.
  • An API produced from developers, start in under 5 minutes.
  • E-trade scrapers for business insight, price analysis, review extraction and any other requirement for your business.
  • Within excess of 17 data centers throughout the world, Crawlbase (formerly ProxyCrawl) handles scraping information from overall areas and various sites
  • It has probably the biggest network of proxies which will take all the heap of your projects.
  • The initial 1,000 are free.
  • For small and medium projects without any hidden fees.
  • Scraper membership can be cancelled anytime.
  • Extracted information in HTML, JPEG, or plain text formats
  • Automatically retries failed requests
  • Full customization (request headers, request type, IP geolocation, and more)
  • Unlimited bandwidth with incredible speed.

2. WebScrapingAPI

WebScrapingAPI is an apparatus that permits you to scrape any online source without getting impeded. It gathers the HTML from any website page utilizing a basic API. This web scraping API gives ready-to-handle data whether you need to utilize it to extract cost and item data, assemble and investigate real state, HR, and financial information, or screen significant data for a particular market.

Web scraping

Key Features:

  • HTML formatted responses
  • Mass crawling procedure on any site you target
  • Latest anti-bot detection tools
  • Handles proxies, browsers, and CAPTCHAs
  • Integration with any development language
  • JavaScript rendering
  • Customization on demand (headers, IP geolocation, tacky sessions, and substantially more)
  • 100M+ rotating proxies: unique, broad pool of datacenter, mobile and private IPs across many ISPs
  • Global geotargeting
  • Speed over the top architecture
  • Unlimited bandwidth

3. ScrapingBee

Data scraper

ScrapingBee offers the opportunity to web scrape without getting impeded, using both classic and premium proxies. It centers around separating any information you need rendering website pages inside a real browser (Chrome). Because of their huge proxy pool, developers and organizations can deal with the scraping procedure without proxies and headless browsers.

Key Features:

  • Returns HTML formatted responses
  • Handles headless browsers and rotates proxies for you
  • JavaScript rendering
  • Easy integration
  • Manages a huge number of headless instances utilizing the most recent Chrome version
  • Large proxy pool
  • Geotargeting

4. ZenScrape

ZenScrape is a web scraping API that returns the HTML of any website and guarantees developers gather data quickly and proficiently. The tool permits you to reap online content easily and dependably by solving JavaScript rendering or CHAPTCHAs.

Key Features:

  • Returns the scraped information in JSON object design
  • Automatic proxy rotation
  • Large proxy pool with a huge number of IPS
  • Extensive request builder
  • JavaScript rendering
  • Geotargeting
  • All frontend structures and programming languages supported

5. ScrapingBot

Scraping bot

ScrapingBot is an amazing tool for developers who can’t dedicate as much time developing their scraper. It is a quick and reliable scraping API, which helps extract exact information from any site. ScrapingBot was developed basically as a genuinely advanced tool for item pages or business information pages, gathering information like item descriptions, value, costs, images, and so on.

Key Features:

  • Scrapes and extracts significant information from any page without getting impeded
  • Extracts and parse the information in organized JSON
  • Fast and reliable
  • Easy integration
  • JavaScript rendering
  • Handles proxies and browsers

6. Scrapingdog

Scraping dog

Scrapingdog is the web scraper API that handles many proxies, browsers, and CAPTCHAs to furnish you with any page’s HTML information. The tools rotate IP addresses with each request from a list of millions of proxies. In addition, Scrapingdog utilizes the Chrome browser in headless mode so you can deliver any page as it does in a real browser.

Key Features:

  • JSON or HTML results rendering
  • Suitable for Chrome and Firefox
  • Handles a large number of proxies, browsers, and CAPTCHAs
  • JavaScript rendering (Angular JS, Ajax, JS, React JS, and so on)
  • Geotargeting
  • Private internal service of residential and mobile IPs

7. Scraping Ant

Scraping ant

ScrapingAnt is the web scraping API that gives its clients a full web harvesting and scraping experience. It is an assistance that handles JavaScript delivery, headless browser updates and support, proxies variety, and rotation.

Key Features:

  • Output preprocessing — analyze and work with direct text output without managing HTML
  • Chrome page delivering
  • Low inactivity rotating proxies
  • JavaScript rendering
  • High-end AWS arrangements
  • High speed and accessibility
  • Custom features
  • Scraping demands with a low chance of CAPTCHA check triggering


Picking the best web scraping API for your specific necessities can be a difficult process, even for tech-heads. We trust that this aide assisted you with making a reliable outline of what you ought to be searching for in a web scraper.

Nonetheless, if you need additional information to choose the right web scraper API, we suggest the 7 Best Web Scraping APIs. This article will assist you in deciding the ideal web scraping services providers for all your web scraping needs, given each benefit we momentarily named in this one. Assemble the effectively separated data for your web scraping projects.