Web Crawling and Scraping are becoming increasingly demanded nowadays. Whether you operate in e-commerce, retail, web development or have any other digital presence, eventually you will need to crawl or scrape the world wide web to gather online data.

Think about your company wanting to start a new project and you need to gather data about possible potential clients, competitors or even general data about the industry you’re interested in; you can either spend a huge amount of time going through books, archives and literally “studying and memorizing” other websites’ information or you can use a crawling tool that will do all of this in an organized manner.

Now just like shoes and clothing stores, there is a lot of stores out there, but not all of them offer the same quality nor the same price. A lot of companies offer crawling and scraping products, but not all of them offer the same effectiveness and efficiency nor the same price. You can just write a question on Qoura about which companies offer crawling and scraping services and you can receive a lot of suggestions, but the key to your successful analysis which will enable you to satisfy your goals is to decide on a good provider. This assures an alignment between your needs and the possible crawling outcomes.

With that being said, Crawlbase is a well-known, international crawling and scraping company. It is trusted and used by thousands of users all across the globe. Our main aspiration is to never stop learning, improving and growing in order to satisfy our users and gather new ones. All of this sounds very poetic and sweet, but us as humans, we depend heavily on logic and common sense especially when making business decisions. So, what actually makes Crawlbase great? And why should you as a developer or non-developer consider using Crawlbase products over other competitors.

We Assure Your Anonymity and Avoid Captchas

Some of you might think whether crawling and scraping is legal or not? The answer to this question is not a Yes or No as it depends on privacy. If you are crawling for data that is present online but set to be private, then this is not only illegal but also unethical. However, if you’re crawling for data that is available publicly through pages and websites, then you’re simply making use of it and considering it to be the starting point to whichever project you might have. This can be search engine optimization, or data mining and analysis or even a project that requires a huge database of profiles, communities and groups present online.

I’m pretty sure it happened that you were navigating through a website and it sent you a “Captcha” which stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test. Captcha is a security check used to distinguish between humans and robots, as robots are not capable of passing through captchas. Crawlbase allows you to crawl anonymously while avoiding captchas, bypassing restrictions or any other blocks sent by websites.

We have a Huge Variety of Products

One of the most important determinants of a successful and demanded company is how often they innovate and develop new products. Not only does this show the hard work that development teams put behind the scenes, but it also represents the potential to create and respond to market demands. For example, if you own a clothing store and you noticed that people constantly ask whether you sell shoes or not, your willingness to start thinking about expanding to add a shoes sector to your business shows how dedicated and compassionate you are about your customers and the overall sake of your business.

We at Crawlbase constantly try to drop new products; considering that we operate in the coding industry, the development of crawling and scraping products takes a lot of time, efforts and will be constantly updated and improved over time. If you’d like to check it out click here.

Crawlbase includes multiple products like:

  1. Crawling API: this product is responsible for easily crawling the web, protecting your web crawler against blocked requests, Ip leaks and captchas. You can use it to crawl Facebook groups, pages, Instagram, Twitter, feeds… etc.

  2. Scraper API: in simple, terms, this product is responsible for scraping the web in order to get structured and organized data.

  3. Smart backconnect proxy: sometimes, when you’re crawling, the website might require a proxy host. You can simply use this product, which includes worldwide datacenter and residential proxies, in order to crawl whichever website you want.

  4. Crawler: this product is designed specifically to crawl LinkedIn. Usually, LinkedIn crawling is extremely complex since they are incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning in their captchas and blocks. With that being said, our Crawler is designed to be artificially intelligent to bypass these blocks and incorporates machine learning to try 100 times before bringing back you request result.

  5. Screenshots API: this product allows developers to take image screenshots using our API.

  6. Leads API: It allows you to get access to emails that are present online. This product can be used for finding a small or huge amount of emails that can benefit your business.

  7. Storage: it is designed to allow you to store your crawled data on our cloud and have as a backup or the main storage

Our Culture

Culture is the company’s personality. It is the values, believes, bonds and relations created to keep the team working together and aligned with the company’s goals. Crawlbase’s culture mainly revolves around having its employees happy and satisfied. We believe that with eager and fulfilled employees comes great performance and great customer services and relations. For this reason, the relations between our teams is healthy and are based on mutual trust and proper communication.

You might think to yourself, why should I care about the internal culture of your company, I just need the products. The answer is simply because nowadays business transactions are no longer solely based on the exchange of products for money, it is now considered as an exchange between services for long-term relations. The growing concern of maintaining relations with clients even after the transactions are done is initiating the cruciality to build a healthy internal system that will be reflected to the external relations.

Basically, Crawlbase is one of leading crawling and scraping companies that assures a safe, progressive, effective and efficient crawling and scraping process for millions of websites, and multiple platforms. This is why you should choose Crawlbase and no other crawling provider. We are a group of well-knowledged developers, managers and employees that are constantly available to provide you with your desires crawling needs.