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All-In-One data crawling and scraping platform for business developers.

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2-Minutes Integration

Highly scalable API for all your data collection needs.

Crawlbase rotating proxies

Millions of quality Proxies

Worldwide rotating proxies with 99.9 % network uptime.

Crawlbase premium customer support

24/7 Premium Support

Real-time support from real experts via live chat and email.

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Crawl internet data at scale

Scrape while being anonymous and bypass any restriction, blocks or captchas.

Get data for your SEO or data mining projects without worrying about worldwide proxies or infrastructure. Scrape Amazon, scrape Yandex, Facebook scraping, Yahoo scraping, Linkedin scraping, Glassdoor scraping, etc. We support all websites.

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Your Company

Any projects or businesses requiring data from the web.

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Achieve your goals with the most advanced data collection tools

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The Internet

Data is the new gold, and the internet is your goldmine.

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Customers worldwide


Customers worldwide
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Data Products

Scraping websites content on demand

Start crawling and scraping websites in minutes thanks to our tools created to open your doors to internet data freedom.

Crawling API

Crawling API

Easy to use crawler API built by developers for developers.

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For large scale projects that require large amounts of data delivered to their servers.

Crawler information
Scraper API

Scraper API

Get structured data for your business.

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Smart Proxy

Smart Proxy

For use in apps that require a proxy.

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Leads API

Leads API

Access trustful company emails for your business.

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Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Move your crawled and scraped data to the cloud with Crawlbase cloud storage designed for crawlers.

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Screenshots API

Screenshots API

Take screenshots of websites with an easy to use API

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Crawling / Scraping solutions

Our team of engineers are ready to handle every challenge.

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Why we are the best?

What our customers think of Crawlbase

Crawlbase Position

Most recognizable

Highly rated and the undisputed industry leader for years

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Pioneers of crawling and scraping via an API

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100% Uptime

The most reliable network with massive backup infrastructure

Crawlbase Settings

Most versatile

Limitless scaling and integration potential

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Client Feedback

What our customers think of Crawlbase

Mike Hampton

Mike Hampton

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Crawlbase continues to impress us with fast and reliable APIs and excellent customer service.

Jun, 2022
Sarah Nguyen

Sarah Nguyen

Quote left

Our projects need specific requirements to finish the job, and with all the companies we tried, only Crawlbase delivered great results. Highly recommended!

Apr, 2022
Adam Lluch

Adam Lluch

Quote left

One of the reasons we love this service is how easily we integrated the crawling API into our system.

Feb, 2022
Bash Rodriguez

Bash Rodriguez

Quote left

Simple, easy to set up, working as intended. Thank you Crawlbase!

Dec, 2021
Joseph Lee

Joseph Lee

Quote left

We’ve been using the Crawlbase platform for several years now with high satisfaction and will continue to do so as it has become an integral part of our operations.

Nov, 2021
Ann Marie Collins

Ann Marie Collins

Quote left

As a project manager, I am really thankful for this service. Crawlbase solved most of our problems with maintaining proxies, and this allows us to focus more on accomplishing our goals.

Oct, 2021

24/7 world-class support

Daily product development and improvements.

Real-time product status and monitoring tools

Dedicated Technical team and Account managers

Highly-scalable solutions to satisfy your data collection needs.

Trusted by more than 70,000 paying customers

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Data Extraction Solution

Unleash the power of Generative AI

Our API leverages sophisticated technology to navigate websites, extract relevant data, and deliver it to you in a structured and usable format, making it ideal for training your language models.

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Experience confidence with us


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Customers & Clients

Used by the world’s most innovative businesses – big and small

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Supporting all kinds of crawling projects

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