# Bulk

To do a bulk request with a list of RIDS, please send the list of rids as an array in the request body similar to the below example, using your private token:

Note: The maximum number of results is 100, i.e. the maximum number of pages that can be returned is 100. If you send more than 100 RIDs, only the first 100 will be returned.

curl -X POST 'https://api.crawlbase.com/storage/bulk?token=_USER_TOKEN_' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{ "rids": ["RID1","RID2","RID3"] }'

# Response

The response body is a JSON array of objects with the below format.

Note: The body field is base64 encoded and gzip compressed. So you need to base64 decode it and then gzip decompress it.

    "stored_at": "2021-03-01T14:22:58+02:00",
    "original_status": 200,
    "pc_status": 200,
    "rid": RID1,
    "url": URL1,
    "body": BODY1
    "stored_at": "2021-03-01T14:30:51+02:00",
    "original_status": 200,
    "pc_status": 200,
    "rid": RID2,
    "url": URL2,
    "body": BODY2