# Status Codes

Our API's return specific status codes to indicate the outcome of the API calls and the status of the requested resource. This list of status codes serves as a reference for developers utilizing our API's. It includes the most commonly encountered codes along with their meanings, aimed to assist in comprehending and resolving any problems that may arise with API responses. By familiarizing yourself with these codes, you will be better equipped to handle and troubleshoot any issues that may arise when using our API's.

Code Title Description
200 Success Request is successful. Any other status code than 200 is a failing request. More details from the original site can be found in the original_status response header.
400 Bad Request The request to the API endpoint contains some invalid parameters. The specific reason is included in the response body.
401 Unauthorized Token is invalid.
403 Forbidden Account is blocked or the current package does not support some of the features requested.
429 Rate Limit Exceeded Too many API calls have been made. The specific reason is included in the response body.
499 Client Closed Request Error returned when your application closes the connection to the API. Please make sure to let your connection open for 90 seconds, which is the API timeout.
500 Internal Server Error The API failed to handle the encountered situation.
520 Generic Failure The request has failed and its free of charge. More details on the failure can be found in the pc_status and original_status response headers. The pc_status error codes 5xx and 6xx help us identify what happens exactly with your request, you are not required to use them but can help when error reporting.