# Response

When doing a request to Crawlbase Screenshots API you'll get a response.

The screenshot of the page will be the body of the response itself and the response body will be added in the response headers.

GET `https://api.crawlbase.com/screenshots?token=_USER_TOKEN_&url=https%3A%2F%2Fapple.com`
    success: true
    remaining_requests: 3491
    url: https://apple.com

    The screenshot of the page.

# Response body

The response will return the below parameters as headers, which will allow you to know what happened with the request for your screenshot.

# success

  • Type boolean

A boolean indicating if the request was successful or not. Failing requests are marked as false and are not charged.

# remaining_requests

  • Type number

The number of requests that are left in your subscription plan. If you run out of credits, please upgrade your subscription or contact support.

# url

  • Type string

The original url that was sent in the request or the url of the redirect that Crawlbase followed.