# Response

When doing a request to the Leads API you'll get a JSON response.

This object contains the leads data and other detailed information about the status of your request. Read response body for all the information.

GET 'https://api.crawlbase.com/leads?token=_USER_TOKEN_&domain=target-domain.com'
  "success": true,
  "remaining_requests": 4560,
  "domain": "target-domain.com",
  "leads": [{"email": "[email protected]", "sources": ['https://target-domain.com/contact']}, ...]

# Response body

The response body comes with a json with the following attributes.

# domain

  • Type string

The domain that was sent in the request to get the emails.

# success

  • Type boolean

A boolean indicating if the request was successful or not. Failing requests are marked as false and are not charged.

# remaining_requests

  • Type number

The number of requests that are left in your subscription plan. If you run out of credits, please upgrade your subscription or contact support.

# leads

  • Type array

An array with leads data of the domain that you requested. If the array comes empty, it means that there are no results for such domain.